Gimmicky or Good? The infamous par-3 17th at Sawgrass

Love it or hate it, few can ignore the action on and around the island green at TPC Sawgrass.
Evan Schiller

David Toms
, lost in playoff at 2011 Players
It plays a big part in what happens at that golf tournament, but I think it's a little gimmicky, especially with 17 as one of the playoff holes. It's a little much, really, because when the conditions are tough, sometimes there's no bail-out, so if you're leading by four or five shots, you get to that hole and you can't even play safe. So in regard, it's a little gimmicky, especially if you're trying to win. For a playoff situation, I think it would be better to just do an aggregate, like 16, 17 and 18. With that hole in general, I don't know what they could do, maybe give you a little more room around the edges, maybe some rough, so if you do hit land you wouldn't go in the water.

Paul Goydos
, lost in playoff at 2008 Players
I think it's really good. It does everything it needs to do. Anywhere else, you wouldn't even be talking about it, if it was No. 12 or No. 9 or something. All things being equal, it's a 9-iron for the Tour players, and the reality is that a 15-handicapper can hit it on the green, too. So it becomes how you handle the situation, and I think that's great for a 71st hole in a tournament. If the hole were a 5-iron, 185 yards, I think it would be terrible. I've probably hit as much as a 7-iron there when it got windy, but the reality is, when I hit it in the water in the playoff, I hit a wedge. In that sense, I think that's what makes it a good hole. It's a test of your moxie. If there was no water around the hole, it would be the easiest hole on Tour.