Husband, Wife Make Hole-In-One on Same Hole Seconds Apart

May 28, 2015

A hole-in-one on its own is a rare sight, the kind that escapes golfers for decades. Two on the same hole, just seconds apart, from a married couple, now that’s astronomical.

According to a report from the Lansing State Journal, “astronomical” is exactly what Tony and Janet Bundy pulled off last weekend on the 16th hole at Ledge Meadows Golf Course in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

With multiple witnesses on-hand as verification, Tony dunked his ace first from 135 yards using a 7-iron and Janet followed suit right after him from 110 yards with a pitching wedge.

The odds of such an event happening, apparently, are beyond 26 million-to-1, which National Hole-in-One Association claims are the odds of two people in the same group acing the same hole.

For them to do it on consecutive shots and be married made it near impossible to create odds, “astronomical” according to one member of the Association.

Had there been a full bar waiting for them after the round, their tab may have been astronomical too.

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