Hot this week: Yani, Rickie and the Fall Series. Not? Tiger, Briny, PGA Tour

Rickie Fowler won his first professional title at the Korea Open.
Yang Young-suk/AP


1. Yani. She combines Annika’s precision, Lorena’s explosiveness and Karrie’s raw athleticism. Tseng is going to own golf for the next decade … unless Lexi has something to say about it.

2. The Fall Series. The Frys was a blockbuster success and now Webb Simpson’s pursuit of the money title transforms Sea Island from a very charming little event into something more relevant. Now, if we can just get Tiger to play Disney.

3. Rickie. Every victory is a big deal when you’re an ambitious 22-year-old trying to live up to massive expectations. And it’s even sweeter when the guy you beat is the 22-year-old who has thoroughly eclipsed you.

4. Brad Faxon. Yeah, he only had to play two rounds, but one of golf’s good guys finally earned his maiden win on the Champions Tour after a decade of injury-related struggles. Unfortunately this means Faxon is likely to spend less time in the broadcast booth. I love his insight and was just getting used to the nasally New England voice.

5. Christina Kim. One continent can no longer contain golf’s liveliest personality as CK won her first Ladies European Tour event, in Sicily. If all the players on the LPGA were this much fun the tour would have a lot more than a dozen domestic events.


1. Tiger. He played pretty well in spurts but was undone by way too many soft bogeys. Reps, reps, reps, all he needs is more reps, according to the man himself. And yet now Woods goes underground for another month. Baffling.

2. Briny Baird. Nice playing for 72 holes, but in sudden death this winless journeyman had a handful of putts to seize the victory and he couldn’t shake one into the hole. At least he still has the best name in golf.

3. Ernie Els. He had a piece of the lead throughout much of the front nine on Sunday but misfired on a pair of short birdie putts to short-circuit his bid. I thought the belly putter was supposed to put an end to that?

4. The PGA Tour. The lords of Ponte Vedra are still trying to prevent reporters from live-tweeting play-by-play from tournament sites. Because, you know, stimulating fan interest is bad for the game.

5. Lee Westwood. He’s trying to drum up interest in a “major” in Asia. Isn’t that what the WGCs are for?