Hot this week? Natural ability, Masters Sunday and Yankees. Not? Phil, Rory, Tiger and Luke

Bubba Watson won the Masters despite not having a swing instructor.
Robert Beck/SI


1. Natural ability. I'll take it over heavily-coached technique any day of the week. Bubba has never had a lesson, and Oosty never practices, yet they put on a show for the ages.

2. Masters Sunday. Somehow, some way, it always delivers thrills and chills. Augusta National may be the best stage in all of sport.

3. Gene Sarazen. It was sweet to see the albatross originator get his due during the final round telecast thanks to Oosty's heroics. Too bad they didn't have high-def back in 1935.

4. Yankees. That's two majors in a row for young Americans. Phil's not going anywhere, Hunter Mahan is ready to take the next step and even Matt Kuchar elevated himself in a big way last week. I guess I won't move to Northern Ireland after all.

5. Lee Westwood's ballstriking. So pure.


1. Lee Westwood's putting. So frightful.

2. Phil. A bad swing and an unlucky carom on the fourth hole led to a killer triple, but he was still in position to win if he had made any putts on the back nine. Yet another gruesome missed opportunity for a guy who is not getting any younger.

3. Tiger. I actually thought the club-kick was a funny bit of gallows humor. What was really distressing was that Tiger had just half-shanked a 9-iron and looked completely and utterly lost for four days on his former playground. Form comes and goes, but a breakdown like that begs larger questions.

4. Rory. At least he'll have other opportunities, right? Here's hoping. But don't forget that Greg Norman, Johnny Miller, Ernie Els, Tom Weiskopf and Nick Price were all once young phenoms being fitted for a green jacket, and they never got it done.

5. Luke. He's most dangerous when Augusta National is firm and fast, but it was still disappointing to see the world's No. 1 player be such a non-factor. Olympic is tailor-made for Donald. It is time.