Hot? Veej. Not? Tiger Woods.

Hot? Veej. Not? Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods
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1. Veej. Don’t forget that Singh’s victory at the 2000 Masters ultimately cost Tiger Woods the Grand Slam. After Vijay’s stellar performance at Bay Hill, it wouldn’t be a shock if history repeated itself.

2. Chapchai Nirat. The big-hitting 23-year-old from Thailand carries the nickname “King Kong,” and he looked pretty beastly with a wire-to-wire win at the TCL Classic in China. Ever notice how most PGA Tour wives look like Fay Wray? Note to Capchai: high-tail it to America, pronto.

3. The Florida swing. Three weeks running the PGA Tour setups have been tough, exacting tests, and Doral this week figures to keep the string going. If these guys are so good, let’s see them prove it.

4. Rocco. With a rocc-solid outing at Bay Hill, Mediate has ended the debate as to whom is the best-playing announcer this minute. Take some, Faldo, you dinosaur!

5. Nike. Golf’s edgiest manufacturer announced a voluntary recall of the new Sumo driver because it’s too hot for the USGA. No doubt sales have spiked.

1. Tiger Woods. On Sunday at Bay Hill he had two doubles and a triple, tying Derek Jeter for the league lead.

2. Paul Casey. Still looking for his breakthrough win in the U.S., the maddeningly inconsistent Englishman was atop the leaderboard until a mystifying ten-bogeys-in-13-holes stretch spanning the third and fourth rounds. Hey, if I want to be disappointed by someone from the Isles, I’ll stick with Monty.

3. Swordsmen. The best, most phallic trophy in golf was retired as the Arnold Palmer’s wonderfully appropriate sword was retired in favor of some Tiffany Co. trinket. Remember, they didn’t call him the King for nothing.

4. Johnny Miller. He used the word “crazy” to describe Singh’s aggressive line on the 15th tee on Sunday, but the big Fijian promptly hit a perfect drive and a perfect wedge for the birdie that iced the tournament. Brent Musburger couldn’t have said it any better.

5. Boo Weekley. Golf’s most lovable loser was dinged two strokes for violating Rule 35-4 (j), which prohibits rednecks from having chewing tobacco dribble down their chin at Arnie Palmer’s kingdom.