Greg Norman Might Be Golf’s Greatest Businessman

Norman has promised he is ready to disrupt the golf industry in 2017, claiming he will help people "change their lives on the golf course."
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Over the last two decades, Greg Norman’s brand has grown to the extent that his business achievements rival his stellar on-course career. For Norman, business is the post-golf outlet where he continues to channel his competitiveness. 

The Shark joined the Podcast this week to discuss those various business ventures, his plans to shake up the golf industry and how his brand became internationally known. One thing he makes clear from the jump: He thinks his logo is sexy. Check it all out in the podcast below.

6:30 — When he knew his brand would become international.
7:25 — Why he thinks his logo is sexy.
8:25 — How the 2008 market collapse changed his company forever.
10:50 — His favorite test for finding employees he would hire.
13:15 — Why he wants to be ‘a mile wide and an inch deep.’
18:35 — How he’s prepping his brand for 200 years from now.
20:00 — Why golf course design is still his favorite business.
21:30 — Why he feels ready to disrupt the golf industry.

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