Donald Trump Says Obama Played Golf With Wrong People

September 7, 2015

As he runs for president, golf-loving Donald Trump has some opinions of how Barack Obama used his time on the golf course during his two stints in office. His conclusion? Trump thinks Obama needs a new foursome.

In an interview with Joe Passov from the October issue of Golf Magazine, Trump talked about all things golf in his life, from his courses to how the commander-in-chief should handle his handicap.

“I think a president should play golf, but you should only play with people where you can get something done,” Trump said. “I don’t think you should play too much with your old friends, just to have a good time.”

Obama’s amount of golf during his presidency has earned a contested perception during his second term of office. Just last month his tally of hours played while in office reached 1,100. Trump is okay with that, though, as long as there’s an underlying governmental purpose to those rounds.

“What I’m saying is, had President Obama played with [House Speaker John] Boehner more and played with all the different people that he couldn’t deal with, it would have helped him,” Trump said. “Some of the best deals I’ve ever made were made on the course.”

“You become friends with people on the course much more so than over lunches or dinners. Golf is wonderful for a president to play, but it should be working golf.”

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