November 23, 2015

There aren’t enough great nicknames on Tour anymore, certainly none as colorful as Ed Oliver’s epithet, “Porky.” The popular Wilmington native stood 5-foot, 9-inches and weighed 240 pounds, explaining the source of his nickname, but he could really play. He grew up caddying at Wilmington Country Club and began his Tour career in the 1940s, where he posted eight victories, including the Western Open, Phoenix Open and the Bing Crosby Pro-Am. Oliver came very close in multiple majors: Ben Hogan downed him in the match-play final of the 1946 PGA Championship, and he finished runner-up to Julius Boros at the 1952 U.S. Open, and to Hogan at the 1953 Masters. No one else in the Blue Hen State comes close to pipping Porky.