College Golfer Makes Nighttime Putt Aided By Cell Phone Lights

September 12, 2016

A college golfer needed a little help from the crowd to finish his round this weekend.

The Rod Myers Invitational at the Duke University Golf Club stretched late into the evening on Saturday. According to Golfweek, the last groups were being rushed from hole to hole in golf carts, but one last group remained on the 18th hole as total darkness descended upon the course.

Two of the golfers decided to wait until Sunday morning to hit their final putts, but UC Davis player Ben Corfee decided to go for it. The problem? It was already too dark to see. That’s when, according to UC Davis head coach Cy Williams, a little magic happened.

“Ben was the closest and he decided to putt out, and at that point everyone around the green started getting their flashlights opened on their cell phones and came around to create light for him to be able to see,” Williams said. “It was a combination of teammates, volunteers, fellow competitors, etc., all spontaneous.”

Check out the video below.