Bryson DeChambeau Named His Wedges After Past Masters Champions

April 5, 2016
Bryson 10_0.jpg

Bryson DeChambeau’s particular appreciation for the game’s history extends to his unique set of similar-length clubs.

The wedges are named for past Masters champions, with the degree of loft corresponding to the year that the golfer won the green jacket. The 60-degree is named the King, for Arnold Palmer’s 1960 victory over Ken Venturi. The 50-degree club goes by Jimmy, for the 1950 winner Jimmy Demaret.

Some of the irons are named for holes at Augusta. DeChambeau named the 3-iron “Gamma,” because it’s the third Greek letter. See the full list below — and tune in on Thursday to see whether DeChambeau’s Augusta-themed nicknames can help him to conquer the famous course they were inspired by. He is grouped with Jordan Spieth and Paul Casey and will tee off at 9:48 am Thursday.

“So 1960, who won the Masters?  So King is on that wedge. 
    Now I am using Cobra wedges this week, but on the 60‑degree, it’s King. 
    55, it was Mr. Ward, Harvey Ward, low Am, 1955, U.S. Amateur winner, too.
    1950, 50‑degree, Jimmy Demaret, won in 1950, so I call him Jimmy.  Kind of funny when you ask, hey, give me the Jimmy.
    46‑degree, 1946, Herman Keiser. 
    Jackie is my 9‑iron, No. 42, 42‑degree lofted club.
    38‑degree is the 8‑ball, 8‑iron, correlates quite nicely.
    34‑degree, three plus four is seven, okay, and it has Tin Cup written on it, because that was Tin Cup’s favorite club.
    6‑iron, Juniper, it’s the sixth hole at Augusta, 6‑iron.
    Then 5‑iron is my favorite par 5 out here, Azalea.
    Then you’ve got Gamma, which is the third letter in the Greek alphabet, 3‑iron and it’s 20 degrees of loft. 
    Haven’t gotten to the woods yet.  I’ll get to those eventually.”