Brandel Chamblee: Tiger Woods Is Not Ready for Tournament Play

Brandel Chamblee: Tiger Woods Is Not Ready for Tournament Play


Tiger Woods released a video of his swing on Wednesday, and it promptly set the golf world on fire. 

“When will he be back?”

“Will he play the Masters?”

“Will he win the Masters?”

“How many shots will he win the Masters by?”

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says, not so fast. On Golf Central, he said that based on the video clip, Woods still faces a long road.

“I can say that looks like an injured and a put-back-together 40-year-old man,” Chamblee said. “He has a very short, quick golf swing. He doesn’t look like he’s ready for tournament play.” 

Chamblee is unsure whether Woods will (or should) play competitive golf this season, but the analyst believes whenever Woods finally returns, he’ll be fully healed and ready to give it his best. 

“He’s been down the road of coming back from injury many times already since 2010. I think, reading between the lines, he’s more inclined to take the year off. Well, actually, seeing the golf swing makes you think perhaps not,” Chamblee said. “I do believe we’re going to see when he does come back, he’ll be as prepared as he’s ever been post-surgery, post-injury.”

You can watch the full clip below.