Boston College’s Brian Butler Declines $10K Hole-In-One Prize

May 21, 2015

How much is your NCAA eligibility worth?

Brian Butler says his is more than $10,000.

Butler aced the 158-yard par-3 18th hole at a qualifying tournament for the Benrus Open on Monday at The Preserve in Wyoming, Rhode Island. He could have won $10,000 for the hole-in-one, but declined the prize. If he were to accept he would have lost eligibility for his senior season with the Boston College men’s golf team.

“I’m not going to give up my last year of college golf for $10,000,” Butler told Golfweek.

Butler shot a 3-over-par 57 to qualify for the Benrus Open finals—it’s a par-3 tournament—and could make $1 million if he gets another hole-in-one during it (the prize was lower during the qualifying round). If he does, his decision regarding his NCAA eligibility will certainly become more difficult.

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