This week’s heroes? Webb, Wiesy and Rory. Zeros? Rory, The Grand Slam of Golf and Tim McCarver

October 21, 2013


1. Webb. Now this is the guy we expected to see more of after his breakthrough at the U.S. Open. A six-stroke victory is a statement that Simpson is back and once again ready to fulfill his considerable promise.

2. Ryo. You know the one-time prince of Japanese golf has to be chapped by the ongoing lovefest for countryman Hideki Matsuyama. With a runner-up in Vegas, Ishikawa suddenly looks like a boy wonder again. Throw in Sang-moon Bae, and this trio of young mega-talents could be an awesome Asian Big Three.

3. Wiesy. For those who think Michelle Wie squandered her potential, I would counter by arguing that she put tens of millions of dollars in the bank, got to be a normal coed while enjoying a Stanford education and, at 24, she still has plenty of time to win tournaments. Her T3 in South Korea is a big step in the right direction.

4. Michael Allen. He’s the latest journeyman to enjoy a career mulligan on the Senior tour; winless in over 300 PGA Tour events, Allen has now won five times against the over-50 set, including twice this year. It’s all about the journey for this guy: at age 14 he hiked 210 miles along the Pacific Coast Trail, from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite. Macho.

5. Rory. Yeah, it was a weak field, but a runner-up finish in Korea is McIlroy’s best showing in months and gives him a little momentum as he tries to find some form at the end of a long, tough year.  


1. Rory. His lawsuit against his former agent has gone public, letting the world inspect their dirty laundry. Even worse is that the trial has been set for *next* October, ensuring another year of headline-generating misery.

2. Kim Hyung-tae. It's one thing to incur a penalty for grounding your club in a hazard — that happens. Having the penalty cost you a tournament is doubly cruel. But my favorite detail from the rules fracas at the Korea Open is that Hyung-tae spent two hours arguing his case after the round, three members of the Korea Golf Association agreed with him, but he still had to take the penalty. There's nothing in this world more hard-core than the Rules of Golf.

3. The Grand Slam of Golf. All you need to know is that the four-man field featured Paddy Harrington, the 101st ranked player in the world and a guy who hasn’t won an actual Grand Slam event since 2008.

4. Tim McCarver. The blowhard baseball announcer and noted point-misser threw an on-air hissy fit after Hunter Mahan sent out an innocuous (and accurate) tweet about baseball’s many stupid unwritten rules. Jeez, I thought some golf announcers are dense.

5. Andres Romero. The good news is that the freewheeling Argentine shot 61 on Thursday in Vegas. The bad news is that he followed with an 81 to miss the cut. Sssssnake eyes!