Alan Shipnuck Answers Your Burning Masters Questions

April 6, 2016

Sports Illustrated’s Alan Shipnuck took over the Twitter account this morning to answer questions about Masters favorites, Augusta National, his top golf courses, weather conditions this weekend, and the best place for spectators to watch the tournament. Who’s the best dark horse pick? Which hole is Augusta’s most underrated? Can Jim Herman make the cut? Will strong winds on Saturday derail Rory’s shot at the Grand Slam? Most importantly, what’s the best Masters sandwich? Scroll down to read Shipnuck’s takes.

Q: If it rains, do you think players should be more aggressive shooting at pins or will they keep mindset of hitting to spots?

Q: Where will you spend most of your time this weekend?

Q: When does Ernie Els start putting sidesaddle?

Q: Player out-drive Nicklaus tomorrow morning? How much money should I bet on the winner?

Q: Over/under on Mike Weir’s 2-day total? With the weather, I’m going 158.

Q: How many days will Phil wear pin-striped pants?

Q: This one was inevitable. Phil.. possible? Or has the time passed?

Q: What are the chances of a European winner?

Q: Your favorite sandwich at the Masters?

Q: Does Sergio make the cut, then drop an 85?

Q: You fancy Adam Scott’s chances this week?

Q: What do you think of Branden Grace’s chances this week?

Q: Most difficult hole at Augusta?

Q: Jim Herman is on a roll. Does he make the cut this week?

Q: You have one day and one course to play…

Q: What is the most underrated hole for spectators at the Masters?

Q: How do you see the weather factoring in on Saturday?

Q: When discussing the 13th, why does every commentator ignore the fact that the ball is the problem?

Q: How do you think Spieth will do this week after his game improved at Houston?

Q: Why is nobody talking about Justin Rose’s chances?

Q: Most underrated hole at Augusta?

Q: Who’s going to win?