Adam Scott’s Caddie Steve Williams is Racing Cars in New Zealand Right Before Masters

April 1, 2016
Stevie T1.jpg

With Masters week fast approaching, where is Adam Scott’s caddie Steve Williams?

Oh, still roughly 8,200 miles away. 

Williams is an avid race car driver, and it turns out he’ll be revving up his engine for Augusta National by flying around a racetrack in Huntly, New Zealand. Williams is registered to race his No. 21 car on Saturday at Huntly Speedway, in the Super Saloon and Saloon categories at Speedfest 2016. 

Two days later, he’ll be driving down Magnolia Lane.

It might sound odd (and even a bit risky) for a caddie on one of the most successful bags on Tour to be racing cars halfway around the world just days before the Masters, but officials at the Waikato Stock and Saloon Car Club confirmed that Williams is scheduled to appear.

“Steve is a loyal WSSCC member and competes at Speedfest every year he can,” Nigel Wilton, vice president of WSSCC, wrote in an email. “I have just spoken with Steve and he said, ‘Huntly Speedway and then Augusta, what could be better!!’”

Just last week, Williams won a race at the Easter Extravaganza in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Both caddie and player will try to continue their hot streaks next week in Augusta.