2015 U.S. Open: Rory McIlroy the Latest to Diss Greens at Chambers Bay

June 20, 2015

Rory McIlroy became the latest U.S. Open contestant to express his disappointment with the greens at Chambers Bay after his third-round 70 Saturday. Though it started playfully, McIlroy’s comments further pushed the narrative that the USGA has let the greens get out of control.

“I don’t think they’re as green as broccoli,” said McIlroy, in response to Henrik Stenson’s Friday comments comparing the green surfaces to the vegetable. “I think they’re more like cauliflower.”

Rory then tempered his comments, but only slightly.

“They are what they are, everyone has to putt on them. It’s all mental … It is disappointing that they’re not in a bit better shape. But the newer greens like 7 and 13, they’re perfect. They’re just one grass, fescue, and the ball rolls really well on those. But it’s just the ones where the poa has sort of crept in and the two grasses grow at different speeds and that’s what gives it the bumpiness.”

McIlroy went on to say that the greens were better a week ago when he arrived and that he feels the USGA, “brought it a little too much towards the brink then. And it’s always a struggle to sort of rein it back a little bit.”

Rory added that the course setup for Saturday favors the longer hitters because of the tee and hole locations.

“They’re tough. It’s a U.S. Open … Even the holes where you think you have a chance … They give you a 110-yard par-3 on 17, but it’s a pin where if you don’t hit it right on line — I think that hole is going to cause a bit of havoc this afternoon.”

McIlroy is four over for the tournament.

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