Criticism by Tiger, other pros led to Liberty National changes

Criticism by Tiger, other pros led to Liberty National changes

AP876066920373All it took was Tiger Woods saying that Liberty National Golf Course was "interesting," and the next thing you know, wholesale changes were made to the course.
It didn't help also that a caddie said that they ruined a perfectly good landfill when they built the course, whether he was joking or not.
The Barclays will be played at Liberty in Jersey City, N.J. this weekend and is the site of the first tournament of the FedEx Cup playoffs. The last time the tournament was held at Liberty was 2009, when Woods made those comments.
Among some of the changes at the course: five greens were entirely rebuilt, and another six were
reconstructed; 13 landing areas were altered and 11 tee boxes were
expanded or moved.

“The goal of the modification was really to help increase the overall receptiveness of the golf course,” said Steve Wenzloff, the PGA Tour’s vice president of design services and player liaison told the New York Post. “I say receptiveness as sort of a broad definition. Specially, two facets: the tee shots and the approach shots.”

To make room for a corporate tent, the 18th green was moved 20 yards down the fairway.

“It’s still a hard golf course, and there’s nothing wrong with that,”
Wenzloff said. “The teeth will still be in it, just the teeth won’t sink
as deep into your skin.”

(Photo by Charlie Riedel/AP)