Larry David to Feherty: 'I could be speaking foreign languages' if not for golf

Larry David to Feherty: ‘I could be speaking foreign languages’ if not for golf

No one loves golf’s lows as much as Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, the neurotic raconteur and Riviera member, who appears on David Fehery's Feherty show on Golf Channel next week to discuss the game on which he’s wasted so much time.
In a snippet of the interview that you can watch above, David tells his host of golf’s unmatched humiliations and muses on all that he might have accomplished had he spent his energies on other things.
“I could be speaking foreign languages. I could be a concert pianist,” David says.
Instead, he plays golf, and “all I do is get unhappy.”
Not that he’s just busy berating himself. David is on the publicity wheel these days to help drum up interest in a new film he stars in. Clear History, the story of a marketing executive who misses out on millions in an electric-car venture, airs on HBO on Aug. 10. The Feherty episode with Larry David will be shown on Golf Channel at 9 p.m. on Monday.