Truth & Rumors: Watch Bubba Watson hit practice shots out of his Barclays house

Truth & Rumors: Watch Bubba Watson hit practice shots out of his Barclays house

This is why Bubba Watson can't have nice things. Because he'll hit golf balls off of them.
Check out these video's of Watson's warm up before his Tuesday practice round at Bethpage, which he posted on his Twitter account.
First: off the pillow, from the deck, nothing but the bottom of the lake…

Next: from the stranger's living room, off the nice rug, right past the camera man's exceedingly trusting forehead…

Let's let Bubba explain himself, which he attempted to do at his press conference later that day:

This house that we're staying in, it's off the lake there, and the owners that aren't here, of the house, asked if I'd take a picture in front of their house so they can tell their friends that I've stayed there and whatever. So I was talking to Russ Holden from Caddie for the Cure. So I just said, why don't we just hit balls off the deck into the lake. I can do it. He goes, you don't have that much room. I said, I can do it. So I came out, I got ready to come to the golf course, so I came out in my golf clothes, had my club, my new glove, got some balls, hit off the pillow. Then I said, let's move this indoors. So I moved it indoors and hit off the rug. I had to fly…the little railing is about five feet high, four feet high, so hitting 4-wood off the tight carpet was a little tight, but I just got it up and made it out of the house.

To put the homeowners at ease, the Masters champ added that he didn't break anything, because "[he's] alright at golf, sometimes."
Not everyone was impressed. Jason Dufner, who's on vacation this week, razzed Watson via Twitter.

On Bubba's behalf, we'll ask Duf to up the ante: Let the lumber loose in your own living room.
Watson did manage to entertain some more important company, though. He's staying in that house with both injured and active members of the military, and they all seemed (rightly) amused. We'll let Bubba explain this, too:

[Russ Holden, who represents the Wounded Warrior Project] contacted me and asked if I wanted to stay at the house, and I said, a free house? Yeah, I want to stay there. So he told me who was going to be there, and Teddy, my caddie, could stay there, too, so we all are staying there.
Last night we got in. They cooked dinner, we had some steaks and we just talked and asked them about the Wounded Warrior, asked them about what happened, and he showed me a picture of the car that blew up and all the things.
Basically I'm there just talking to them. I'm in awe of them, they're in awe of me, but I'm really just watching them and learning from them about how much they fight for our freedoms not knowing who we are, not knowing anything about us. They're out there taking bullets and dodging bullets for us to give us freedom to do what we do. It was an honor for me to stay with them and be a part of just communicating with them and talking with them and hopefully cheering them up a little bit when they get a little down.

That'll do, Bubba. Looks like you're off to a good start.