Daily Flogging: Phil Mickelson says it would be 'great' to play with Tiger Woods

Daily Flogging: Phil Mickelson says it would be ‘great’ to play with Tiger Woods

Bob Harig of ESPN.com reports that Phil Mickelson said he wouldn’t mind being paired with Tiger Woods at the Masters on Thursday and Friday. Mickelson apparently was serious.

“I think it would be great,” Mickelson said Thursday of the possibility of playing in the same threesome during Woods’ much-anticipated return to golf. “The [PGA] Tour hasn’t paired us together since … since I’ve been out on tour. It’s never happened before. But I think it’d be great. I’d love it.”

Asked later whether he’d like to be hit hard in the head with the new Callaway FT-iZ driver, Mickelson replied, “Awesome, I’d love that. It would be a totally new experience.”

Only 11 percent of women to root for Tiger Woods at Masters Aaron Kuriloff of Bloomberg News reports on a Seton Hall Sports poll which shows that most Americans weren’t going to watch the Masters even if Angelina Jolie was paired with Jennifer Aniston.

The presence of the world’s top-ranked player at Augusta National Golf Club will make no difference to the viewing plans of 77 percent of those surveyed. Only 11 percent of women will be rooting for Woods, compared with 18 percent of men. Another 75 percent said they had no preference.

“Women are not as embracing about his return or about his winning, which is not surprising, given the nature of his scandal,” Rick Gentile, director of the poll, said in a news release.

The poll notes that Masters TV ratings are expected to increase by 16 percent. A big number, but the MASH finale will still be safe in the ratings records.

A golfer you can’t refuse Instead of the King, maybe we should call Arnold Palmer the Godfather.

At Bay Hill on Thursday, Mike Weir told the story of how Palmer got him to come back to a tournament he’d been skipping because Palmer’s Bay Hill course had gotten too long for a medium hitter like Weir. (Note to young golf writers: Don’t ask Weir about being a “short hitter.”) At the revamped course, Weir is in second after a 67 in his first round.

I was at the Tradition Golf Club with a buddy, and Arnie was in the locker room and I said, “Hey, Mr. Palmer, how you doing.”

And first thing he said was, “You haven’t played my tournament in a few years.” Didn’t say hello.

First thing he said, “You haven’t played my tournament in a few years.”

I said, “No, I haven’t.”

He said, “Hey, Mike, I would love to have you come play.”

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