Hugh Hefner: I don't approve of Tiger's behavior

Hugh Hefner: I don’t approve of Tiger’s behavior

It's one thing
to be dropped by the stuffed shirts at Accenture, but now even Playboy
founder and world-class libertine Hugh Hefner doesn't approve of Tiger
Woods's infidelity.According to Fox News, Hefner took issue
with reports that said he approved of the married Woods's alleged
liaisons with women around the country. Hefner said he meant that he
wasn't surprised by the allegations; he didn't mean it was OK for Woods
to lie to his wife. "But I don't approve of it. I just was not surprised by it," Hefner
said. "The reason that I wasn't surprised is that he’s traveling the
world. He's a handsome, young guy and beautiful ladies are throwing
themselves at him. You never know the circumstances of a personal
relationship or a marriage and how well it worked and I think that the
immorality of infidelity is the lie. It isn't really the sex. It's
the cheating."
So should guys like Woods stay single? Hefner wasn't sure. "It's an individual decision, it works for some people," he responded.
“I was married for eight years and was faithful to it the entire time.
And, I certainly had plenty of temptations.  But, was I happier then?  
No," he said laughing, "I wasn't."
The 83-year-old Hefner made the remarks at a book signing he attended
with his three girlfriends, Crystal Harris and the Shannon twins.

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