Live PGA Championship Coverage: Second Round

August 14, 2009

8:08 p.m. Reader Kyle McKinnis asks: What
would you say if Tiger tied both the record for majors and tour wins?
Would any intangibles then, in your mind, separate him from the other
Kyle, I think we'd need a few 64-calorie Miller beers to hash that one out. That's all for the Live Blog today. Thanks for hanging out with us. See you tomorrow.8:06 p.m. Harrington misses his par putt on the same line Tiger took. Paddy drops to 3-under and Vijay Singh–the first guy in at 3-under–will play with Tiger tomorrow.8:05 p.m. He's human after all. Woods can't save par on 18 and drops to 7-under.8:04 p.m. Harrington's chip leaves him with a short one left for par. Tiger's putt is a few feet longer but I'm not sure that matters today.8:01 p.m. Tiger actually took a shot at the pin with his greenside chip and ran it past. He must be feeling pretty bullet-proof right now.7:59 p.m. Lee Westwood misses what was a must-make par putt on 17 and three putts from three feet, proving that the Live Blog has the smartest readers on the web. Here's what Reader Conor posted just minutes ago: Yo!
Westwood is a really excellent player tee-to-green, but he putts really
poorly under pressure. I know he's looked a little unlucky from an
American perspective over the last year or so, but if you'd been
following him week-to-week in Europe over the last few years (since the
game returned after his post-2003 meltdown), you'd soon realise that
the awesome long game is always there, but the putting deserts him
every single Sunday he's in contention. I think the extra length he's
added over the last year has made him more competitive at the majors,
but the short game and putting aren't REALLY there (in the 'can I hole
those eight-footers under the gun' kind of way necessary to win big).
7:53 p.m. Woods in the first cut of greenside rough on 18. Harrington plays his second shot from the bunker and ends up not far from Woods in the same cut. Loud cheers for Tiger walking to 18th green. He's earned them.7:52 p.m. Tiger lets loose a bomb on 18. If golf had a mercy rule, what would the number be?7:48 p.m. Reader Kyle McKinnis asks: Of the big-name players who have yet to win a major (Sergio, etc.), who do you think will finish their career empty-handed?I think Stenson and Westwood are close. I think Sergio will win at least one but the first will take some luck, like Cink at the British. Rory is special. Too early to guess about Casey or O'Hair. The window's closed for Monty, Kenny Perry and Steve Stricker.7:45 p.m. David Feherty hopes Tiger and Paddy can continue their "bromance" through the weekend as the leaders. That wasn't too bad, right Kieron? Tiger makes par as well. Still four-shot lead for Woods.7:43 p.m. Paddy a little short on his birdie putt, tap-in par.7:41 p.m. Lee Westwood (4-under) makes a wild up-and-down on 16. He's playing great and it may not matter. Some days you get the Tiger and other days..7:37 p.m. Tiger Woods sticks a 5-iron to about 20 feet on the par-3 17th. Harrington has a good one too. 7:33 p.m. Reader Wlliam Lidster asks: Which of the pros LIKE being in Tiger's group? Which ones do you think
step up their game being head-to-head with him?
In some sense everybody likes it, because it means you're playing well. But as far as guys who aren't bothered by it, it's a much shorter list. Generally it seems like older players who are confident in their games–Bob May, Rocco, even Padraig–are able to stay within themselves and not get caught up in the circus. Phil is another story. As Earl Woods once said, When Tiger and Phil play together they both play lousy.7:31 p.m. Reader Norm writes: Tiger will NOT win this PGA…That better be the beginning of a magical spell because it might be the only thing that could stop him.7:29 p.m. Separation Friday. Tiger makes a long birdie putt on 16 and Padraig misses his. Woods now 8-under with a four shot lead on Harrington and Westwood.7:26 p.m. Reader Wynninc asks the question of this tournament: Is
Padraig Harrington only Tiger Wood's rival for the moment, or can
Padraig continue to stay near Tiger on the leader board during upcoming
That's what we'll find out. Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs made an insightful remark about Harrington: Padraig's only goal is winning majors now. They're are only two other guys in the game who think like that: Tiger and Phil.7:23 p.m. Paddy and Tiger hit approaches to the same area of the green on 16. Tiger has the longer putt, barely. Meanwhile, Westwood gets to 4-under with a birdie on 15.7:19 p.m. While we're waiting for the leaders to hit their second shots on 16…Here's a story I wrote about Harrington for the 50th anniversary issue of Golf Magazine. We asked Harrington to hit clubs from 1959 and his usual clubs and then measured the shots with a TrackMan launch monitor. For good players like Harrington, there's not as much difference than you'd think.Harrington is a really nice guy, articulate and extremely focused on his game.7:14 p.m. Woods with 5-wood on 16. Right in the middle of the fairway. Harrington right there too. The late afternoon sun looks great off the water. And Golf Magazine's Cameron Morfit says there's not a mosquito in sight: I haven't felt any mosquitoes yet, or heard of anybody getting bit.7:13 p.m. Miller has a new beer that's only 64 calories? How is that possible? 7:10 p.m. Harrington's eagle putt spins out. Every day Paddy plays with Tiger it will get easier for him. The Tiger spotlight can be unnerving for some–Angel Cabrera reportedly hated the attention at Bethpage–but Paddy is unflappable. Birdie, 4-under.7:07 p.m. Tiger chips it close for another tap-in birdie, 7-under. Paddy's still got his eagle try though.7:02 p.m. Tiger ends up a in the thick stuff on 15 while Westwood (3-under) makes a disappointing par on the 299-yard par 4 14th7:00 p.m. I thought Harrington's drive was safe on 15 but it rolled into a fairway bunker 300 yards from the hole. No matter. Whacks it onto the green and will have an eagle putt. How long until we see the 700-yard par 5? I say within 5 years.6:58 p.m. Ross Fisher makes a meal of 18 and ends 3-under after bogeys on 17 and 18. I'm sticking with Westwood (3-under) as the Englishman to watch.6:54 p.m. Another great drive by Tiger on 15. Harrington is safe. It's 640 yards and with the wind Tiger can reach it.6:52 p.m. Reader Gord writes: I'm the
same height as Quiros but I've got a good 35 lbs. on him. You'd think
I should be hitting it 350 regularly. I must need a new driver.
6:51 p.m. Paddy makes his birdie on 14, now 3-under. When Harrington gets "the look," you'll know it. He talked about it last week: Q. You had the crazy eyes coming down the last few holes. It's been
a while since we've seen that. Do you feel that? Do you notice when
you're getting into that zone?
definitely was somewhat there. I wasn't quite like the PGA last year.
But I was definitely in there, definitely had my eye on the greens.
I don't notice it, but I feel it. I can feel it. I can feel the lack of
interference. I just play the shots and don't get too involved in it.
Yeah, so I can feel it.
I suppose the feeling is noticing it, but the key is not to pay too much attention, just let it happen.6:50 p.m. Tiger just misses a long eagle putt on 14 and falls to his knees. Tap-in birdie, 6-under. Tiger's starting to get that look.6:47 p.m. Paddy in position for a much-needed birdie on No. 14.6:45 p.m. Rory makes bogey on 16 and drops to 2-under. David Feherty says that McIlroy's caddie "read that putt like a Russian newspaper."6:47 p.m.'s man in Europe has some good background on Quiros here to read during these commercial breaks.6:41 p.m. Tiger puts a 3-wood on the green on the 299 par-4 14th. What's Quiros going to hit here? 5-iron?6:39 p.m. The British Open champ Stewart Cink wants more Quiros: TNT should show only Quiros. Let is see! We are starved for the Long Ball!! (via twitter)6:37 p.m. Ross Fisher makes his first bogey of the day on 17, now 4-under. Tiger owns the lead. He may not give it back again.6:35 p.m. Tiger's birdie attempt on 13 just lips out. A very good putt though.6:34 p.m. Another bogey for Harrington on 13, now 2-under after three-straight bogeys. 6:32 p.m. Harrington and Woods on the par-3 13th. Paddy in the bunker. Gets it on the green but a long way left.6:27 p.m. My British Open pick Rory McIlroy is now 3-under through 15. I keep waiting for a really young guy to win a major and Rory's the best of a talented lot of up-and-coming players.6:23 p.m. Reader Jack asks: Why does the PGA get the best field of all the tournaments?They invite better players to play. The Masters invites fewer top players and the U.S. Open and British Open have a lot of qualifiers who aren't always the best-ranked players. But at the PGA Championship this year, 99 of the world's top 100 players showed up. That's deep.6:18 p.m. Fisher joins the party with a birdie on 16 while Harrington makes bogey on 12. Tiger 5-under, Fisher 5-under, Harrington 3-under.6:17 p.m. Harrington makes a sweet pitch shot over a bunker and will have a short one for par. Woods left himself a little more work but makes a clutch par. Mini-fist pump, which means he's getting into this round. 6:14 p.m. Ross Fisher will have a short birdie putt for a share of the lead on 16.6:12 p.m. TNT guys project the cut at 4-over, which would mean more Phil this weekend.6:10 p.m. Harrington short of the green on 12; Westwood gets to 3-under through 11 with another birdie.6:07 p.m. Reader Rob asks: Do Club
pros effect the cut line? Do they get paid based on their position like
the tour pros do, are they allowed to accept the payout if they make
the cut?
Sure they affect it and they get paid. This is their championship and it is the deepest and best field of the year.6:05 p.m. Tiger's drive finds the spinach on 12–Harrington's in the rough as well, but his lie won't be as nasty. 500-yard par 4. Hazeltine is long and nasty.6:03 p.m. Reader Kieron O'Connor writes: Ross the Fisher…-4. 55-1 during the week, i must listen to myself in future.Why not? Ross was 5th at U.S. Open and T13 at British Open.6:01 p.m. Tiger makes par on 11.They say the par-5 11th is unreachable in two. Quiros about to try.5:59 p.m. Paddy drops one at 11 after just missing a long par-save attempt, now 4-under.5:56 p.m. I know it's last week's news but I am still fascinated by Tiger getting so upset over the official's interfering with Padraig's game at the Bridgestone. Tiger sounded like Apollo Creed in Rocky II: "I won, but I didn't beat him."5:52 p.m. Harrington (co-leader at 5-under) is in the trees on 11. Friend of the Blog Brady Riggs brought up a good point about the slow-play controversy at the Bridgestone last week. "There are so many people following Tiger in the last group, that if you hit it off-line, it's going to take a while just to get everyone out of the way. They can't treat that group like everyone else. It's not fair. When you're off-line, it's going to take longer through no fault of the player."5:50 p.m. NotBob Kostis, one of the smartest guys in golf, says when Quiros develops a game from150-yards and in, he'll be tought to beat. The long-hitting Spaniard is still 2-under through 10.5:45 p.m. Reader Ron asks: Did Rich Beem withdraw?Nah, he's still 2-over but playing with Tiger and Paddy today would make anyone feel invisible. 5:44 p.m. Ross Fisher to 4-under with a birdie on 14. Looks like the afternoon guys aren't getting hurt out here today.5:40 p.m. Alert Reader James asks: Looks like McDowell grounded his club in the hazard on 16, anyone else notice this?I thought that looked a little suspect too. The Rules team is now on the case.5:38 p.m. Tiger three-putts for bogey. Yes, it does happen. Now 5-under, tied for lead with Harrington.5:36 p.m. Tiger way off with his putt on 10, will need a decent-length putt for par. Harrington almost makes his, has about 3 feet left.5:34 p.m. Reader Hugo writes: Live PGA Championship Coverage: Second Round??? what is up with all the dumb jokes lets get back to golf please.Yes, sir. Keep in mind that the pace of play is pretty slow out there. It's either bad jokes or TNT's fall lineup preview.5:32 p.m. Both Tiger and Paddy are on the 10th green in regulation but Paddy's putt will be much closer.5:30 p.m. Lee Westwood makes birdie on No. 9–1-under. I like Westwood to be in the mix Sunday if Paddy and Tiger don't run away from the pack today.5:27 p.m. Boo Weekley goes eagle/birdie on 7 and 8. Now 1-over.5:23 p.m. Reader Tyson asks: Us "real" golfers usually stop in for a good ole hot dog and chips and the bend, do the pros grab a bite between 9 and 10?Not a dog and chips, but you do see guys eating on the course or guzzling those awful protein nutrition drinks. Tiger looks to be packing peanut butter sandwiches recently. Darren Clarke famously had a cheeseburger and a cigar in between rounds when he beat Tiger in the Match-Play Championships, but such exemplary behavior is rare.5:19 p.m. Reader Art Clogg isn't ready to give Boo Weekley the Low Redneck award just yet: Wouldn't Lucas Glover fit under the redneck umbrella?I know Glover's a Clemson fan and chews tobacco, but he's an avid reader so I'm going to say no. 5:15 p.m. Tiger just misses downhill birdie putt on 9, still 6-under. Birdie for Harrington. 5-under. He is relentless.5:11 p.m. Harrington has great second shot on No. 9 and will have a makeable birdie putt. Reader jp asks: Is the afternoon playing worse than the morning as predicted?Hard to say because TV is following the best players, but it doesn't look like we've seen any big dropoff by afternoon guys or huge leaps by morning guys. Leaderboard looks pretty similar to yesterday–it's not like they're playing in a typhoon out there this afternoon. Mainly a matter of getting used to the bumpier greens.5:08 p.m. Last Camilo Villegas post. Dana writes: Not a
press tent favorite." Still not sure what you're trying to say. English
is bad? One-word answers? Jerk store called and they ran out of
Camillo? What?
Jerk store, Dana, jerk store.5:05 p.m. Reader Dana writes: "Why is Camillo hard to interview?" Because the tripod doesn't go that low. (Suppressing chuckle.)5:03 p.m. Quiros plays the par-5 seventh driver/9-iron, but finds the bunker and makes an unlikely bogey (2-under). Drive for show, make sand saves for dough.5:02 p.m. Quiros is hitting ridiculous drives with the wind out here. 368 yards on No 7!4:59 p.m. Tiger misses his birdie putt (still 6-under) on 8. Harrington misses his too (4-under). Par-par.4:57 p.m. The leader is putting for birdie on the eighth green. 4:55 p.m. Reader Navigator 1 writes: So Holmes has had four hand injuries today? Whew!I'll laugh at that.4:53 p.m. Kelly asks: Why is Camillo hard to interview?Let's just say that Camilo's not a press tent favorite.4:51 p.m. Paddy finishes his adventure on the seventh with a par–Woods makes almost a tap-in birdie. He's 6-under, two strokes ahead of the pack.4:47 p.m. We're still on the seventh green. Where is Rules Official John Paramour when you need him?4:43 p.m. Firestone flashback! Harrington almost chips it into the water on 7. Stays up though.4:40 p.m. Graeme McDowell makes an unlikely par on the par-3 17th. He had a bad lie in the rough and left himself about 15-20 feet. Still 3-under.4:36 p.m. Camilo Villegas makes eagle on No. 7 and gets to 1-over. The fans really like him; they've probably never tried to interview him.4:35 p.m. With J.B.Holmes and John Daly withdrawing, you've got to think Boo Weekely (2-over through 4) is a lock for Low Redneck.4:33 p.m. Paddy and Tiger hit drives within feet of each other on No. 7. [Corrected]4:31 p.m. Reader VM asks: Phil's shots are sublime???Probably wrong day for that line.4:29 p.m. Sports Illustrated's Dick Friedman, longtime Friend of the Blog, says I should cheer up and learn to love the FedEx Cup: How can you be so bummed that this is the final major when we have looming before us the scintillating Solheim Cup, the fantastic FedEx Cup and the peerless Presidents Cup! Plus—the fabulous Fall Finish! There’s a lot of golf left to play, my friend, and we will be glued to it!I would appreciate the FedEx Cup more if I didn't need to understand advanced math to follow it. 4:27 p.m. Take me to your leader: Woods makes birdie on 6 and gets back to 5-under after a nice 15-foot putt. 4:26 p.m. If Harrington is trying to prove he's not a slow player this week, he is not succeeding. Another par though.4:24 p.m. Lee Westwood taps in for par on No. 5. Still 1-under. Still known as the "Third Man" at Torrey Pines and Turnberry. Still ready for a big win.4:20 p.m. Harrington and Woods both on the green on No. 6 in regulation. If you're like watching sublime shots, follow Phil. If you're like watching two champion grinders, follow this group.4:18 p.m. Reader Robut makes a good point: Advantage Paddy? Now wouldn't that depend on their second shot for ball/pin placement?That's what I was trying to imply, should have said it. Sometimes haste makes waste at the live blog4:16 p.m. Breaking news alert from's David Dusek: J.B. Holmes has withdrawn after a left hand injury on the 13th hole, his fourth.4:14 p.m. Tiger Woods hits 3-iron off the tee on No. 6. Starting to sense a theme here.4:11 p.m. Pars for Harrington and Woods on No. 5. Friend of the Blog Brady Riggs says Harrington isn't going anywhere. "He is a nasty guy," Riggs says approvingly. "Harrington is like a rash, he just won't go away."Uh, right, Brady, just what we were thinking.4:08 p.m. Graeme McDowell misreads a birdie putt and stays at 4-under through 6. Irish Reader Kieron O'Connor is not a fan of announcer David Feherty: I'm glad we exported Feherty, I couldn't stand listening to his drivel, reading it is bad enough.4:04 p.m. Quiros can't save par on No. 4 and drops to 3-under. Just because you're a long hitter, doesn't mean you can't be a great putter. When he's on his game, Daly is excellent on the greens. Curious about Quiros' game. I don't get to see the European Tour much.4:03 p.m. Woods and Harrington both in the fairway on No. 5. Woods his the green with a 5-iron after hitting a fairway wood off the tee. Harrington, closer after hitting driver, hits the green with a 7-iron, advantage Paddy.4:02 p.m. Golf Magazine's Cam Morfit caught up with Lucas Glover (3-under), who played in the major champions group with Cabrera and Cink:Stewart Cink double-bogeyed his first hole Thursday, which playing
partner Lucas Glover did at Bethpage, so I asked Glover (70 Friday,
3-under) if he thought about saying, "Hey, I won the U.S. Open like
that!" "No, I didn't think my shoulder would have felt good after I
said that to him," Glover said. "I was thinking it, to be honest with
you. I said, I wonder if I should say that. No, I stayed away from him
for a few holes after that." Cink shot his second straight 73 and was
at 2 over.
4:00 p.m. I missed the memo where we decided to start calling fairway woods "metals." Did you guys get it? 3:56 p.m. When Quiros hits the ball I'm surprised it doesn't explode. "I didn't even see that downswing," Feherty exclaims after Quiros tee shot on 4.3:53 p.m. Harrington makes his birdie on No. 4 and he's back in a four-way tie for the lead at 4-under.BTW, is anyone else bummed out that this is our last major of 2009 (and no Ryder Cup this year)? I feel like the season never really got started.3:49 p.m. Just to clear up any confusion: the lowest 70 scores (including ties) make the cut at the PGA Championship. It's different at other majors. Tiger gets his second shot close on No. 4 and will likely make another par. The ultimate grinder.3:47 p.m. Another guy gets to 4-under: Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell. Meanwhile at the par-3 fourth, Paddy has a birdie putt and Tiger misses the green. Woods has that "my allergies are acting up" look in his eyes. 3:43 p.m. Rory McIlroy gets to 1-over with a birdie on No 6. A young guy will win a major soon.Reader Tyler writes: It would be great if you talked more about the actual golf and less about anything elseLikewise, Tyler, likewise.3:42 p.m. David Fehery says there's no such thing as a bad par at a major, but if there is than Tiger just made one at No. 3. Harrington makes bogey after finding the sand twice and drops to 3-under. However, Paddy's putting stroke looks much better than Tiger's. This should be a good one today.3:40 p.m. Reader Scrodog writes: I'm a fan
of golf, not any particular player. Sure, Tiger's great. I don't dislike
him, but I do find myself rooting for the underdog most of the time. I
could not agree more with yesterday's blog that unabashedly pined for a
new Harrington/Woods rivalry. The game needs it.
I completely agree but we need to be careful of naming anyone Woods' rival. We tried that with Duval, Vijay and Mickelson and we all know how that turned out. Harrington shares one important trait with Woods: Harrington is relentless.3:35 p.m. "Stupid long" Spaniard Alvaro Quiros ties the lead with a birdie on No. 2–he, Tiger and Paddy are all 4-under.3:30 p.m. Reader Mark writes: New to this …can anyone tell me how they figure the "CUT" or projected cut for the tourney? Thanks everyone for your help.At the PGA Championship, the lowest 70 scores and ties–the cut line is 2-over now so Mickelson at 4-over is going to need some help. But unless you related to one of the players on the cut line, it's really not that important to follow–if you're not playing well on Thursday and Friday, you're unlikely to find your game on the weekend.3:28 p.m. Hunter Mahan gives one back with a bogey on No. 2, now 2-under. Looks like this afternoon guys will just have to hold on with the wind and the bumpy greens.3:23 p.m. David Feherty says that the wind is making Minnesota's Hazeltine play like a links course, just like the PGA wanted it to. Why not? No ocean, but it is the Land of 10,000 Lakes.3:20 p.m. Fun Padraig Harrington fact: He's an Eminem fan. I bet his iPod's a lot better than the Hootie-loving, "Van Halen, I really like that guy" Woods' iPod.3:18 p.m. Woods (4-under) hasn't adjusted to the slower afternoon greens, makes a tentative stroke o a birdie putt that had no chance on No. 2. He sinks his par putt. Harrington's birdie attempt is a little better and he makes his tap-in par 3:15 p.m. No offense to Poulter but I can't forget what Friend of the Blog and SoCal golf guru Brady Riggs said about the British dandy: "Guys who wear pants like that don't win majors."3:12 p.m. Lee Westwood drops to 1-under with a bogey on No. 1. He's no longer low Englishman after great rounds from Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher today (both 2-under). Lee's still the one to watch though, and in that orange shirt, you won't be able to miss him.3:10 p.m. Hi everybody, I'll be with you for the Tiger-Paddy round aka, East Coast Happy Hour of the Year. Start setting up that "Meeting with the boss late today, probably won't be home til 8" call now.——————————————————————————-3:07 Ok, skipper, I'm done for the day. Walker is taking the mound. Take it away Mike. Good luck out there. Thanks to all the commenters, pleasant and otherwise. /Charlie3:03 Wind whipping Tiger's pants around, calls Stevie over for help with the read, misses the putt to start with a bogey. He's -4, now tied with Harrington, who made a routine par. Beem also misses his putt, after a nice execution of a tricky sand shot, to start with a bogey.3:01 Gary Van Sickle sends more course detail from Hazeltine: "Nos. 1 and 12 are playing dead into the wind; they're going to be really tough. No. 14 is a drivable par 4 today, playing semi downwind and the tees are up. It's about 290 to the front. Brendan Jones hit 4-wood to 15 feet and  made eagle (after watching playing partner Steve Marino chip in). Should be eagles galore at 14 today, the most exciting hole on course."2:58 Tiger chips up a bit softer than he planned. Some meat left on that bone – about 8 or 10 feet for par. (I just looked over at the dugout and the manager was on the phone with the bullpen. Mike Walker is warming up his fingers. I'm approaching my last pitch, but I'm going to keep throwing til I'm pulled.) 2:57 Beem finds the left bunker with his second shot from the fairway, 212 yards out on the 490-yard, par-4 first hole. Tiger had a tough lie in the rough and had to really thrash at it. Ball dribbles up short of a bunker on the front right of the green. Harrington drops one on the front fringe.2:51 The big group tees off. Harrington and Beem are both in the fairway. Woods finds the left rough. Not what he was looking for. 2:49 Connell Barrett of Golf Magazine says this about Tiger's session: "He mis-hit one shot, maybe two. Otherwise, the ball's shooting from his
clubface like a rifle shot. He hit mostly low, penetrating draws, to handle this
afternoon's 30-mph winds. Hogan-esque. He looks ready for another round in
the 60s, if his putter cooperates."2:47 Gary Van Sickle's description of the scene about an hour ago as Woods took the range: "Tiger and Stevie come across the elevated crosswalk that leads to the range, cheers and applause begin and fans begin pouring down the hillside from the clubhouse. Noise means it can only be Tiger. As he arrives on range, he walks to the far end, drawing applause (from fans who want him to hit near them) as he goes. Huge mass of fans swarm behind the range to follow Tiger down toward the far end. Wind is gusting and coming out of the south, so they're hitting balls almost dead into the wind, something that just about every golfer hates. Hitting area of range is swamped with fans now trying to catch a glimpse of Woods." Amazing that the man can draw frenzied crowds while hitting practice shots. 2:44 So, what's possible out there today as Tiger takes the tee? Ernie Els and Tim Clark have the low rounds of the day with four-under 68s. 2:41 Phil pars his last for another +2 round of 74. At +4 for the tournament, he may still make the cut. Kostis just said he expects the line, in these tough condtions, to move to at least +3 and possibly higher. 2:37 Here's a scoreboard snapshot as the early groups are finishing and the late groups are starting: 1 Tiger Woods -5 (2:45)2 Padraig Harrngton -4 (2:45)T3 Lucas Glover -3 (F)T3 Vijay Singh -3 (F)T3 Brendan Jones -3 (F)T3 Matthew Goggin -3 (2:35)T3 Hunter Mahan -3 (2:35)T3 Alvaro Quiros -3 (2:55)2:31 Glover misses, -3 heading into the third round.2:29 Glover hits a nice sand shot, but Kostis says the short par putt is "treacherous."2:25 Glover's approach out of the rough on the 9th, his last hole, takes a nasty bounce into a bunker. 2:23 Phil misses the left-to-right breaker. That could hurt him. Still +4 for the tournament.  2:21 Phil gives himself a birdie chance with a solid tee shot on the par-3 eigth. Let's see if he can knock this in. Mr. T, it's hot (90ish), muggy and they're getting big wind gusts. Tough scoring conditions in store for the afternoon.2:18 U.S. Open champ Lucas Glover just made a tough par putt on the par-3 eighth, his 17th today. He's at -4, tied with Harrington. Tiger is on the range!2:12 Buck up, Phil fans! He just knocked in a medium-length eagle putt on the 572-yard seventh. He's +4 for the tournament with two holes to play. 2:07 Vijay just babied a short one — maybe four or five feet — on No. 9, his last hole of the day. That's an even-par 72 today, -3 for the tourney. Still in good position for the weekend. (Also, to poster Ray: You are deleted. If you want to try again without the swearing, your comment might make it through.)2:04 TNT to the rescue! Maybe we'll see some more action now. Or, you can watch Caddyshack again on the Golf Channel.2:02 To the poster known simply as . — no one would say fighting is ok in the NBA. It's ok in hockey.1:59 Zack, one of the hamsters fell off its wheel. The leaderboard is back up to date now. 1:57 Strong showing by Ian Poulter today, -2 for the day and the tournament through 16 holes.1:52 Vijay gets back to -4, one shot off the lead, after a birdie at No. 7, a 572-yard par 5. That's his 16th hole of the day. 1:49 Steve N, it seems to me that you're right, the windy conditions will give Tiger an edge, as he's shown that he can play in any conditions and can shape his ball with the best of them. But, he did falter at the British today, so that's not a good omen. Harrington is of course also a mudder, and I'm sure he's hoping it gets ugly. Who will benefit the most from tough conditions? Possibly the two tough guys on top of the leaderboard. 1:44: While we're debating old chestnuts — Tiger vs. Jack, does Tiger swear too much? — here's another one I'd like to hear your opinions on. It's often said that there are two kinds of golf fans, Tiger people and Phil people. I'm not buying it. I root for them both, Tiger because he's so amazing to watch and always makes me feel like I'm witnessing history when he wins. Phil because he's just plain likable, and he's had so many painful close calls. You have to feel for him. And, there are probably plenty of people out there who are sick of both of them. Am I in the minority here? Is this the Yankees-Red Sox or Ohio State-Michigan or Missouri-Kansas (I'm a KC native), where you have to choose a side, or is it OK to like them both?1:41 Ouch. Things just took a serious turn for the worse for Phil. He made a 6 on the par-4 fifth, his 14th hole of the day, to fall to +6 for the tourney. He needs a red-hot run to make the cut.1:37 SI's Gary Van Sickle just tweeted on the windy conditons: "Wind is really gusting all of a sudden at PGA. Scores this afternoon aren't going to be good. Even par would be sweet."1:33 More local color from our man Paul Mahoney, whose access to players may make some of you happy that you're stuck in a cubicle. He recently tweeted: "Just caught Rory and Henrik in their pants in the locker room. And I don't mean trousers. Not going back there again. Ever."1:31 Ok, 30 minutes until the broadcast starts and 75 until Tiger and Paddy tee off. Light at the end of the tunnel, people. 1:28 michael stewart and ED G, Tiger's swearing and club-slamming are definitely getting old, but I don't think we can really say that we "never" saw that sort of thing from Palmer, Nicklaus and Watson. Everyone gets mad on the golf course, some more than others, and those old-school guys never had the sort of intense coverage or scrutiny that Tiger has. I wish Tiger would cut it out, and I think he was especially bratty during the British, but I'm not willing to condemn him for it or sa
y that he's worse than a lot of other guys out there, now or in the past. He was asked about this in Tuesday's press conference and answered: "Unfortunately I do make mistakes, and I hit bad shots and I say bad things at times. I don't mean to; it just comes out. It's not something that I try and do. It just happens. Have I been trying to get better at that? Yeah, my entire life. But it happens from time to time, and I'm not the only person that does it."
1:23 Four players on the course have now made it to -3 — Vijay, Brendan Jones, Soren Kjeldsen and Lucas Glover. If Cameron's prediction of high scores in the afternoon holds true, they could be in great shape for the start of tomorrow's third round. 1:20 Cameron Morfit has been out on the course and brings back this interesting tidbit relevant to the afternoon rounds — it's getting really windy out there. He was just on the range and a big breeze kicked up, at one point blowing hard enough to move every divot on the range about 15 feet right-to-left. Cameron's prediction for the pm players? "Scores are going to soar."1:14 But enough about the logisitics of this daring online enterprise. Brendan Jones is -3 after eagling the par-4 14th. He's two shots off the lead with four to play. 1:10 Steve, we hear you, but reporters aren't allowed to use their mobile devices on the course. We're trying to keep the discussion going and get you updates on the news without you having to sort through the leaderboard numbers yourself. In the meantime, we'll try to get you as much on-the-scene flavor as possible. 1:07 Kwag, interesting question about the range balls. I've farmed that out to my equipment expert on the scene, David Dusek. He may be out on the course so stay tuned for a reply. In the meantime, the hardcore among you may want to geek out with some interesting photos gathered by Dave on the range at Hazeltine. 1:03 Phil Mickelson's run is not materializing. He's +1 on today's round through 11 holes, with three bogeys and two birdies. That puts him at +3 for the tournament and in danger of missing the cut. 12:57 Interesting that on the monstrously long Hazeltine, Clark is doing well, including a birdie on the 633-yard, par-5 third today. He's 176th on Tour in driving distance, averaging just 279.4 yards. But, as SI's Gary Van Sickle likes to point out, sometimes a long course can actually help shorter hitters. "If the par-5 holes prove to be unreachable in two for even the long hitters, then they'll be wedge contests, and that favors the shorter players." That's how Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters. Also, week-to-week, the short hitters have to hit hybrids and long irons more frequently than the bombers, so they may be sharper with those clubs.12:53 Getting to today's action, such as it is. No one is making much of a move. Vijay Singh has gotten to -4 a couple of times but is now even for the day through 13, -3 for the tournament. Lucas Glover, U.S. Open winner, is -1 for the day and -2 for the tournament. Tim Clark is the low man so far today at -4, which gets him to even for the tournament. 12:48 Luke M, not a very friendly way to ask! Cameron did not have a lot to work with out there, and we're doing our best to keep things lively. Ray and Wing-Nut, I'm in an office in midtown Manhattan, but we have, Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated sources on the scene in Minnesota. They tell me that it's getting hot and steamy there, and there's very little breeze. 12:43 Eastern Greetings everyone. I'm here for middle relief, taking you from our ace starter, Cameron Morfit, to our unflappable closer, Michael Walker, who will start at 3 pm Eastern, just about the time Tiger should be finishing his first hole. Usually I don't make the words from scratch, I just screw up what others send me, so bear with me this afternoon as I try to keep things interesting. I'll start to tackle the comments and course conditions now.———————————————————————————————————————-11:34 With Singh and Glover both at 3-under and the biggest stories of Friday morning, I am signing off. Let's hope for more compelling theater from Tiger and Padraig this afternoon. So long, everyone, and over to you, Charlie.11:15 Every major introduces the world to one compelling new character, and this week it's Spain's Alvaro Quiros, who got around in 69 Thursday and tees off at 1:55 p.m. Friday. Woods couldn't stop talking about how long you have to be to reach the 606-yard 11th hole in two shots, as Quiros did, dribbling his ball onto the green while Woods, Harrington and Beem were putting. Harrington was amused, too. "I first thought that somebody must have chipped out and hit the third shot up there," he said. "And when I inquired who was playing behind, and it was Alvaro, I said, 'That's got to be two of the biggest hits ever in golf.'" Sergio Garcia, a friend, called Quiros, "a wonderful character. He's always smiling. He's got a lot of energy." (Bubba Watson, Quiros's big-hitting American counterpart, shot a 2-over 74 Thursday.)11:07 Glover is back to 3-under through nine holes today. I had a chance to sit for a long interview with Lucas a few years back, and found him to be thoughtful, pleasant and quite the voracious reader. (On Tour most reading material consists of college football depth charts.) After winning the Open, Glover credited the couple-month break he took from the game last fall, when he was fed up and playing badly. Given everything that's happened over the last few years, I wonder if Phil wouldn't benefit from a similar extended break. He's hanging around at 1-under for the day, 1-over for the tournament through eight.10:59 Here's an interesting name on the leaderboard: Luke Donald. He won the 1999 NCAAs here at Hazeltine, and he's now 1-under for the tournament through seven holes Friday. Word is he was miffed at a breezy new golf diagnosis that appeared recently in the Telegraph newspaper, in an article penned by the American writer Barker Davis: Luke Donald Disease, a malady of underachievement brought on by exorbitant income and insufficient motivation. Perhaps Donald is out to prove his detractors wrong? If he wins, shouldn't he give a few quid to Davis?10:52 One of the biggest surprises of Thursday was Rich Beem, the 2002 champion here. When I spoke to Beem for GOLF Magazine earlier this year, he was defiant, saying his game was strong, that he didn't care what anybody else thought of his underwhelming results. We wanted him to pose for a pictu
re on a roller-coaster, the one next to the La Cantera course in Texas, but he balked, sensing we were going to call his a "roller-coaster career." (Heavens! We would do no such thing!) Anyway, I think no one gave him much of a chance, grouped with Tiger and Padraig, but he flashed a sporty 71. Harrington's quote said it all about the way Beem's career has gone: "Even Rich Beem played lovely golf today." 10:50 Poultie and Glover both bogey to fall back to 2-under, as does Ogilvy to drop to 1-under.10:45 Technical problems again. The wifi in the press tent is like molasses runnin' uphill in January. Anyway, Vijay Singh has birdied to go to 4-under, tied with Harrington and just a shot behind Tiger. CW was that Padraig was the only man standing between Woods and a fifth PGA title. Could CW have been wrong?10:24 Ian Poulter, ladies and gentlemen: After ending his first round with a pair of disappointing bogeys Thursday, the dashing Brit is 3-under through seven holes Friday, T3 with Singh. And now they are joined by Glover, who birdies his sixth hole. Terrific leaderboard: Woods (5-under), Harrington (4-under), and V. Singh, Poulter, Glover, Allenby, Goggin, Mahan and Quiros at 3-under.  10:20 Cink continues his solid play after going 5 over through his first five holes Thursday. He's 1-under through six today, and even for the tournament. If he wins this thing after Glover's Open triumph, opening with a double-bogey is going to be the new trend at majors. 10:14 Among the early movers: Kevin Sutherland just shot 3 under for his first nine holes, meaning he's 2-under overall, at T8. At 45, Kevin has had a long, fruitful career, and he's one of the good guys. His usual practice round partners are Paul Goydos and Steve Flesch, so you know Sutherland is good company. 10:08 Okay, the Presidents Cup. This is the final week for players to make the U.S. and International teams on merit. Captain's picks will be made Sept. 8. Of the players on the bubble, Mahan at 12th on the U.S. points list is doing the best this week, but Lucas Glover at 13th on the points list is also looking good. After firing a 1-under 71 Thursday, Glover is 1-under for his first five holes today, 2-under total. 10 The biggest movers of the day are now Angel Cabrera and Tim Clark, both of whom shot 76 yesterday but both of whom are 3-under-par through their first five holes today. They've each moved up 65 places into a tie for 45th. That's pretty much where the similarities end between these two, although I suppose they could end up as Presidents Cup teammates. Sheftic 9:47 Here's hoping for a big day from Merion club pro Mark Sheftic (on the range, at right), the son of GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher Ted Sheftic. Mark shot 4-over 76 yesterday and needs to make a move to make the cut. (At least he beat Retief Goosen (77) and Adam Scott (82), among others, on day one.) Sheftic is 2-over through eight holes today, 6-over total. 9:43 Toms drops a shot to drop to 2-under for the tournament, 1-over through four holes today. Phil makes par at 248-yard, par-3 13th hole to remain 1-under for the day, 1-over for the tournament.9:40 Big mover of the day so far: Ian Poulter. He's 2-under for his first five holes, 2-under for the tournament. He sounded terribly disappointed to get around in only even par Thursday, but it looks like he's over it. As Woods joked yesterday, Ian's good performance this week must be the result of all that good rest he got after the British Open. 9:34 Turns out will be showing nothing but Ryo Ishikawa, Adam Scott and Anthony Kim as their marquee threesome this morning. Too bad none are in contention. Scott fired an 82 Thursday, which was, shall we say, surprising. Had a long talk with his agent earlier this week, and she felt like other than the first round, his performance at the WGC-Bridgestone (78-67-71-70) was a good sign. Maybe not.9:28 Okay, here comes Phil. Maybe. He birdied the 518-yard, par-4 12th hole (easy birdie, right?) to get to 1-under for the day, 1-over for the tournament.9:15 Ogilvy birdies to get to 2-under through five holes, just three off the lead. After a great start to the year, with Ws at Mercedes and WGC-Accenture, Geoff has been MIA lately. T47 at U.S. Open, MC at the British, T22 at WGC-Bridgestone. 9:12 David Toms, the littlest hitter in the top eight, is hanging tough at even par through his first two holes, 3-under overall. It would certainly be surprising if such a moderate hitter prevailed on the longest track in major championship history.9:08 Here's a question: Is it really harder to finish 20th in the club pro championship than it is to finish second in the U.S. Open? Probably not. Which is why it seems odd that Ricky Barnes and David Duval are not in the field this week.9:03 Ogilvy, through four holes, and Fernandez-Castano, through six, each holding steady at even for the day and 1-under for the tournament. Of all the guys chasing Tiger and Padraig, I'd say Ogilvy, Hunter Mahan (69 yesterday) and Lee Westwood (69) have the most potential to influence the outcome Sunday. Mahan seems like he's right on the cusp of figuring out the majors enough to contend.9 Vijay drops a shot, back to 3-under, even for the day, through three holes this morning.8:58 My vote for round of the day Thursday, non-Tiger, non-Padraig division, goes to Stewart Cink's 1-over 73. The man was 5-over through five holes. That's some serious bounce-back. Reminds me of Lucas Glover's opening hole at the U.S. Open: double-bogey. 8:53 Phil pars the 10th hole, his first of the day.8:50 A source inside player dining tells me one of the employee bathrooms in the clubhouse is closed off this morning for random drug-testing. Players are being marched through the kitchen on their way to the bathroom to fill 'er up.8:48 Technical difficulties. Some guy at asks why Phil putted like a monkey's uncle Thursday. Dave Pelz said earlier this week that the poa annua greens would get crusty and bumpy in the afternoon and that seemed to play out Thursday. It partly explains why of the 43 first-round scores of par or better, 28 were posted by players in the morning wave.8:30 More exciting breakfast news, courtesy of Twitter: Ian Poulter sat down for some raisin bran, two poached eggs on toast, bowl of fruit, cup of tea, glass of fresh orange
juice. Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano dropped a shot and is at 1-over through four holes today, 1-under overall.8:25 Geoff Ogilvy made par on his first hole, but more importantly he Twittered that he had fruit and some eggs for breakfast, and that Angel Cabrera knocked over the milk jug and made a mess. Poor Pato. First he shoots a first-round 76, then he can't handle breakfast. Vijay Singh birdied his first hole, the 10th at Hazeltine, to get to 4-under and a shot off the lead. Vijay is 46, which we know now means he's got at least another 13 years to be competitive in the majors.  8:23 My colleague David Dusek of is just back from the range, and reports that Mickelson was in a playful mood while warming up, showing off his custom alligator golf shoes to Stewart Cink and asking coach Butch Harmon, "How far is it to Indianapolis from here?" Hmm. Could Phil be thinking of attending the pre-season tilt between the Minnesota Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts? It starts at 6:30 tonight. I hear Phil has access to a fast airplane. He could easily make that.8:15 a.m. Greetings, PGA fans. And welcome to day two of week two of Tiger v. Padraig. There's not much happening yet on the course, with Phil set to go off in about 20 minutes. Ever notice that on his best weeks Harrington poor-mouths his chances like a college football coach? His hand doesn't feel right, or he's dehydrated and his motor skills have left him. Then he wins. Thursday was no different, as the three-time major winner gave us this gem after his 4-under 68: "To be honest, my preparation for this week has been [limited] because of last week. I had to leave the golf course on Tuesday because I was so tired. I was feeling awful. After I did my press conference, I felt like I was going to faint. So my preparation has been poor." If you're a Padraig Harrington fan, that has to be music to your ears.