Truth & Rumors: Tiger skips press conference to chat with fans online

Truth & Rumors: Tiger skips press conference to chat with fans online

Much has been made about Tiger Woods's "hostage video," which he posted before the Wells Fargo Championship. That was a social media play that allowed him to interact with fans while skipping the usual pre-tournament press conference. By all accounts, the roughly 15-minute session was hardly scintillating, but at 4 p.m. Tuesday on Google+ something similar happened. Woods did a 30-minute "hangout" in which he answered queries from fans.
SBNation took a look at some of the questions posted on El Tigre's Google+ site before his last session and found a few doozies that he chose to skip. Here they are for your reading pleasure: 

“How many wins do you think you can pull out of your arse for the remainder of the 2012 season?” asked “Cody Miller.”
“Brian Musha” quizzed Woods about his entourage: “Do you think Elin will bring Sam and Charlie to be there when you when your 19th major championship??”

If you want to see what Tiger had to say on Tuesday, check out the 34-minute video here. Rory McIlroy admits he took 'eye off ball'After missing the cut badly at Wentworth this weekend and losing his world No. 1 ranking, Rory McIlroy came to grips with a harsh truth about his game and life, according to the Daily Mail, and promised to hit the range to get his game in shape:

'Maybe I have taken my eye off the ball and haven't been practicing as hard as I might,' he said. 'I'm staying here and I'll be on that practice ground bright and early,' he said. 'I need to put in some hard hours on the range so I can get my game back to the level it was at earlier in the season.' 

This admission comes not long after McIlroy missed the cut at The Players and then jumped on the first plane to Rome to meet his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki. And where was Rory on Saturday, just a day after missing the cut? Paris, of course, as Woznicaki noted on twitter. Luke Donald credits mental-game coach with return to No. 1 rankingAfter a resounding victory at Wentworth's BMW PGA Championship this weekend, Englishman Luke Donald has once again reclaimed the world No. 1 ranking from young superstar Rory McIlroy. According to Donald, his calm demeanor throughout the closing holes of the tournament, as well as the impressive growth of his stature in the golf world, is largely due to the work he's done with mental coach Dave Alred, according to the Associated Press:

"It's helped me to really be aware of my posture and how I outwardly project that feeling of positiveness," Donald said. "It helps me send that message to whoever I'm playing with."
"He's certainly always on at me again about keeping the shoulders back and not getting down on myself, staying positive not just mentally but physically and through my body position," Donald said of Alred.
"So I think I've done a lot better job of it since I've been working with Dave. He's always reminding me. "It helps to feel very confident on the greens, too. It's always been a strength of mine, especially in the last four or five years."

According the Donald, Alred's biggest challenge now is helping him get the major championship victory that he dearly covets. Tweet of the Day

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