Truth & Rumors: Sean Foley says 'tearing down of Tiger' must stop

Truth & Rumors: Sean Foley says ‘tearing down of Tiger’ must stop

Sean Foley, who has worked as Tiger Woods's golf coach for nearly two years, was a guest on the Sirius/XM radio PGA Tour Network show "Fairways of Life," where he defended his most polarizing student. The full transcript was not available on the Sirius website, but's Randall Mell offers a recap.

“I know everyone has a job to do, and I get it,” Foley said. “But if it is about the game of golf, Tiger Woods is an extremely important part of the game, and I think everyone understands that. It has just gotten to the point where the tearing down of Tiger as a person and a golfer has become just too much. I think it is just out of hand.
“I realize it is 2012, and we have dotcoms, and you have to write five articles a day, and you run out of things to write about, but we should be in a position where we are trying to help and lift up and support a player like Tiger Woods, instead of tearing him down, because everyone in the golf industry is better off because of his existence.
“That is basically one thing I want to get out. Tiger is a wonderful person, and he is a good dude, and he lives a complex life. I think things have got to slow down, it has got to stop, the daily referendums and the criticism.”

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