Truth & Rumors: Watch 'awesome' Bubba Watson on Letterman

Truth & Rumors: Watch ‘awesome’ Bubba Watson on Letterman

Bubba Watson appeared on the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday and, as they say in show business, he killed it. Some highlights:

Letterman: How did you get your name “Bubba”? Watson: [deadpan] My dad. Letterman: Fifty percent of the recent winners at Augusta have been left-handed, is that true? Watson: Fifty percent are right-handed too. Letterman: How would you describe your personal style of play, your personal approach to golf? Watson: Awesome. Letterman: Do people ever say, “If you drop your head and lift your elbow…”? Watson: They do say that but I don’t know what they mean.

John Paul Newport of the Wall Street Journal accompanied Watson on his victory tour Tuesday, and he wrote that Bubba looked as natural in the green room as he does on the golf course. He recounted this scene with CNN's Piers Morgan. (Here's a clip of Bubba talking about Augusta National's membership policies.)

"Love the jacket!" Morgan said when he met Watson in his office before the show. Watson posed in his green Masters blazer for a snapshot on Morgan's cellphone, then said, "I wanted to do your show first because you're such a pr—." This broke up the talk show host, as Watson intended. Watson said he loved the way Morgan put down untalented contestants as a judge on "Everybody's Got Talent."

Rush Limbaugh gets inside Tiger’s headGary Mihoces of USA Today reports that Rush Limbaugh identified what’s wrong with Tiger Woods on his radio program Monday.

Limbaugh said Woods' past image was a product of his golfing excellence and the way he was portrayed in the news media.
"And the aspect of the media making Tiger was in the fabrication of an image of Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect Husband, Mr. Perfect Father, Mr. Perfect Workout Guy, Mr. Perfect Man, Mr. Perfect Golfer, Mr. Perfect Corporate Spokesman, Mr. Perfect Everything," Limbaugh said.
"Tiger was one of these guys that every man wanted to be like and every woman wanted to be with, right? But none of it was real, as we have learned. None of it was real.
"He wasn't the best father. He wasn't the best husband. He was the best golfer for a while, but it was all a manufactured image. This is the danger of these kind of things."
He said that now Woods "knows wherever he goes that everybody knows this" and that is has become a "mental thing."
"It's gonna take some time for him to overcome (that) … I mean, the cure for Tiger would be to become entirely absent of any self-awareness. If he was totally able to not think about himself, then he'd be able to overcome it. Sure, I think the ability is still in there,'' Limbaugh said.

Manchester U finds success after team golf trip to St. AndrewsManchester United looks poised to win another Premier League title, and Manager Alex Ferguson credits a team bonding trip to St. Andrews, according to the Sun (UK):

Fergie said: “They’ve done well, the lads. The little trip we had to St Andrews was fantastic.
“I didn’t play and I’m glad because there are some bandits at our club. There’s no chance you can win. The players loved it. On the Friday about half a dozen of them had nine holes.
“It helped with the unity of the players — it was a good moment for us. It makes you realise when players stay together, they become a team very easily.”

We’re sure a trip to St. Andrews would improve morale at our office too. Tweet of the Day

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