Truth & Rumors: Work stopped at Tiger's N.C. course

Truth & Rumors: Work stopped at Tiger’s N.C. course

Tiger Woods will have to wait even longer to see his first U.S. golf course built because developers of the Cliffs luxury community in Asheville, N.C. are having trouble selling homes, according to Charlotte’s NewsChannel 36. Woods had announced plans to build his first golf course on the site in August 2007. Now, with construction halted, the course won’t be finished until at least late-2013, according to developer Jim Anthony.

Woods and Anthony are partners in High Carolina. Anthony is a successful developer, responsible for eight luxurious Cliffs communities around the world. When we toured the High Carolina site with him this week, he admitted, things are a little off course.
"I'm not a very patient person and certainly we're working to get the construction back up in the summer and move ahead," said Anthony said. "I think frustration is a proper term."
The course with spectacular mountain views is supposed to be surrounded by spectacular, multimillion-dollar homes. We visited the first completed house there with Anthony more than a year ago. It is still the only home built. And of the 1,200 available lots, only three percent have sold.

However, Anthony told NewsChannel 36 that he believes Woods’s brand is still strong.

Anthony says he's forgiven Woods for the affairs that tarnished his image and believes most others have as well.
"The way I look at it is Tiger is still the number one name in golf," Anthony said.

'Out there is the 2010s, at Quail Hollow it’s 1954!' A Quail Hollow member told Rickie Fowler he needed to turn his cap around because apparently it’s club policy that you can wear a cap but you can’t wear it backwards. Stephanie Wei of has the details:

With his shirt untucked and hat flipped around, Rickie Fowler had just finished working out in the fitness trailer at Quail Hollow on Wednesday. While he was in the parking lot, a member approached him and informed him of the club’s dress code.
I ran into him near the valet and jokingly called him a trouble-maker. “It happened just right there,” he said. “I was standing right there with a group of caddies and some players.”
As the 22-year-old relayed the story, he tried to hide his bewilderment by the whole incident.
“[The member] came up to me and said, ‘Our hat policy is the same as Augusta’s. Turn your hat around.’”

Ailsa Craig, famed rock island visible from Turnberry, is for sale Are you a supervillain looking for a new location for your lair? Today is your lucky day. reports that the Ailsa Craig rock island—visible from the second green at Turnberry—is for sale.

Two miles wide and 1,100 feet at its highest point, the island is an RSPB nature reserve with one of the world’s largest colony of gannets, the wonderfully gregarious guillemots, herring gulls, razorbills, kittiwake and the photogenic sardine-eating puffins. It is also the place where world-class curling stones – for Scotland’s national and Olympic sport – are quarried from the island's blue hone granite. The lease for this activity brings in around £26k per annum.
Arguably, Ailsa Craig’s liveliest period in history was the 16th century during the Scottish Reformation when Philip of Spain tried to take it – leading to the building of the defensive castle – and the island became a sanctuary for Roman Catholics.
As its shape suggests, it was formed from the plug of a volcano more than 500 million years ago. It echoes the shape and character of the inshore island of Davaar, at the entrance to Campbeltown Loch, in line of sight.
Ailsa Craig has a Stevenson (Thomas) lighthouse, a ruined castle and four cottages. It has not been inhabited since 1990.

Caddie says Seve’s imagination was greatest ever in game Caddie Billy Foster now carries Lee Westwood’s bag, but from 1990-1995 he worked for Seve Ballesteros. Golf has never seen a mind like Ballesteros's, Foster told The Telegraph UK.

“I have seen them all, Tiger at his best, Phil [Mickelson], some great champions. But there has never been another like Seve with his imagination.
“Plenty of people have missed fairways, been in the trees. They wouldn’t give it a second thought. Just put another ball down and hit it in the fairway,” Foster said. “Seve would get down on his hands and knees and find that ball. Through pure will he found a way of getting it out. Nine and a half times out of ten he would pull it off. Just amazing.”

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