Sam Alexis, Elin, Kultilda and Tiger Woods at Tiger Woods Learning Center

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Tiger Woods and family attend unveiling of Earl Woods statue Seven-month-old Sam Alexis was on hand with her mother, Elin, at the unveiling of a statue of Tiger and Earl Woods at the Tiger Woods Learning Center on Monday.
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"Ever since the day he passed, I have yet to go a day without thinking of my dad," Woods said at the ceremony. "He was always there. That's basically what it symbolizes. He always had my back. If I failed, I could always come home to love."
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Woods with his mother, Kultilda, in front of the 8-foot bronze statue, which will remain in the lobby of the learning center.
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"Now that I've had Sam, it's amazing how I keep reflecting on things he taught me. I can't wait to pass that on. That's one reason I worked so hard on my foundation to expand this. He was all about helping others," said Woods.
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Sam Alexis was the center of attention as the entire family posed in front of the statue.