Tiger Woods: 2010 Year in Review

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From a media frenzy to enraged fans to an inflamed joint, no player faced more distractions this season than Tiger Woods. Here's a look back at how he managed his tumultuous 2010, on the course and off. STRESS-O-METER It's all good! It is what it is It is what it is (and it isn't good) Serenity now!
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AUSTRALIAN MASTERS, Nov. 15, 2009 On the course After a sloppy Saturday in Melbourne, Woods roars back with a final-round 68, good enough to bag his seventh win of the year and make good on his $3 million appearance fee. Asked what his legacy would be Down Under, Woods smiles and says, "I got a W." Ah, not exactly... Off the course And so it begins. A National Enquirer reporter witnesses alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel checking into Melbourne's Crown Towers, the same hotel at which Tiger is staying. (Days later, in the wake of Woods's mysterious Thanksgiving night car accident, the Enquirer outs Tiger as a philanderer.) Perceived stress level: He'd gotten away with his secret life for this long, so it's hard to imagine he could have foreseen that his house of cards was finally ready to implode.
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LATE NOVEMBER TO EARLY APRIL On the course Nowhere to be seen, other than in the occasional photo or obstructed video of him whacking balls alongside swing coach Hank Haney on a Florida range. The biggest losers? Tiger's Isleworth teammates, who really could have used him in their 17-13 loss to Lake Nona in the Tavistock Cup. Off the course Oy vey. Where to begin? With the unraveling of his marriage? With the handful of sponsors that ran for the hills? With his stint in rehab for a still-undisclosed disorder? With his cringe-worthy public apology in Jacksonville, Fla., that comprised only one truly credible element: Tiger's mother, Tida, seated in the front row, looking deeply disappointed. When will TW return to the game? "I don't rule out that it will be this year," he says during his apology. Which is another way of saying, "See y'all at Augusta!" Perceived stress level: No athlete in history has endured such intense scrutiny for such a prolonged period across all sectors of the media — Perez Hilton, the Chicago Tribune, The Onion, Geraldo Rivera, you name it. The New York Post put Tiger, or one of his "transgressions," on its cover for a record-breaking 20 straight days.
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LATE NOVEMBER TO EARLY APRIL On the course Receives a warm reception from the Augusta faithful, shoots a sparkling first-round 68, and goes on to finish T4. He's back! Off the course Facing his first actual press conference since the Thanksgiving night accident, he protects his interests by relying on a nifty get-out clause: "It's all in the police report." Perceived stress level: Despite a public scolding from Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne and a plane banner heckling Woods from 5,000 feet, his week couldn't have gone much smoother.
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QUAIL HOLLOW, April 30 On the course Well, he was back. Posts a second-round 79 to miss the cut for just the sixth time in his career. Off the course How far has his stock fallen? In the past, his Quail Hollow pro-am partners have included Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning. This year? Nary a single request, says the tournament director. Perceived stress level: Despite a dismal week, he keeps a sense of humor, noting: "At least I get the weekend to watch and see... how real players play golf."
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PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP, May 9 On the course Withdraws from the final round citing a neck injury. Repeatedly describes the situation as "frustrating" and "annoying." NBC's Johnny Miller rips Tiger's swing coach, saying Woods should "forget the [Hank] Haney stuff." Off the course Opens up about some off-course aggravations, noting "helicopters don't normally fly over you on the range and film you." Perceived stress level: Pains in the neck, both literal and figurative, clearly weighing on him.
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MEMORIAL, June 6 On the course Pulls it together at Jack's place; second- and third-round 69s mark his first consecutive sub-70 rounds of the season. Off the course His first tournament back since Haney tendered his resignation... via text. "It was a tough decision," Haney says, "one I went back and forth on many times." Perceived stress level: Breaking up is hard to do, especially after six years. According to Haney, Woods wanted them to keep working together. "We're just taking a break, right?" Haney says Woods asked him.
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U.S. OPEN, June 20 On the course In the third round at Pebble, fires a stirring 68. Goes on to finish T4. "I feel like I can play now," he says. Off the course During a U.S. Open presser, declines to discuss the state of his marriage, telling a reporter that it's "none of your business." Later gets an earful from a fan: "It is OUR business. You made it our business!" Perceived stress level: His mind-bending, cypress tree-escaping approach to the 18th green on Saturday was straight out of Tiger's 2000 playbook — and helped us all remember happier times.
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AT&T, July 4 On the course For the first time in 11 years finishes a Tour event without breaking par in any round. Off the course Reveals that he recently met with federal authorities investigating Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor who treated Woods's knee and who has since been charged with distributing HGH to NFL players. Perceived stress level: A grilling from the feds is no fun, but the AT&T left him with positive vibes. "I was driving it so good, I just wanted to hit driver every hole," he says. "It hasn't been like that in an extremely long time."
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BRITISH OPEN, July 18 On the course Finishes 13 shots back at St. Andrews, the same Open site where he won by eight strokes in 2000 and five shots in 2005. Off the course When asked at a charity event in Ireland whether his transgressions had been "worth it" since it cost him his marriage and endorsements, Woods replies, "I think you're looking too deep into this." Perceived stress level: The British press continues to pry at St. Andrews, but Tiger's greatest source of angst may be his putter, which he switches out for the first time in 11 years.
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BRIDGESTONE, Aug. 8 On the course Cards the worst 72-hole score of his career: 18-over-par 298, 30 shots behind Hunter Mahan. Off the course Could have really used a better finish. Sports Illustrated estimates that Woods's endorsements for 2010 are $22 million less than 2009. Perceived stress level: The nadir of his season, at least between the ropes. Says Woods: "I drove it terrible, hit my irons terrible, didn't putt well and it added up to a lot."
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PGA CHAMPIONSHIP, Aug. 15 On the course A final-round 73 fails to move him into the top 8 on the Ryder Cup points list, meaning he'll need to rely on a captain's pick. "I think I got a chance of maybe helping out in singles," he quips. Off the course Sean Foley is sighted shooting video of Woods's swing, the first public teacher-pupil act between the two. "Certainly it's a possibility, no doubt," Tiger says when asked if Foley might be his next coach. Perceived stress level: Another winless season in the majors draws a familiar refrain from Woods: "In order for it to be a great year you have to win a major championship."
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BARCLAYS, Aug. 29 On the course After a first-round 65, he's asked whether he still thinks he'll break Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major wins. "Absolutely," he says. Off the course Woods and Elin divorce; reports surface that Elin could receive anywhere between $100 million and $500 million in assets. Asked later in the week whether he feels a sense of relief, he says: "I don't think that's the word. I think it's more sadness." Perceived stress level: Adding salt to the wound, Elin tells People magazine: "I've been through hell. The word betrayal isn't strong enough."
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DEUTSCHE BANK, Sept. 6 On the course A final-round 69 secures his No. 1 ranking for the 274th straight week. (Didn't hurt that Phil Mickelson shot 76). Off the course He and Foley appear to be clicking. "Some of the things that Sean and I have been working on are starting to feel a little bit more natural," Woods says. Perceived stress level: When asked about the "stress" of holding on to No. 1 and advancing to the next round of the FedEx Cup, Woods says, "After what I've been through, it doesn't even compare."
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BMW, Sept. 12 On the course A T15 finish fails to qualify him for the Tour Championship. In another sign of the times, Mickelson — Tiger's final-round playing partner — outguns him 67 to 70. Off the course Despite shaky season, comfortably lands one of Pavin's four captain's picks. Perceived stress level: With his Tour season finally over and some time off before the Ryder Cup, he seems more relieved than distraught. "I was looking forward to only getting one week break," he says, "but now I've got two."
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RYDER CUP, Oct. 4 On the course Picks up two points with partner Steve Stricker, but TW looks most impressive in his solo effort: a one-eagle, seven-birdie beatdown of Italian Francesco Molinari. "I thought [Tiger] looked ominously back at the Ryder Cup," Graeme McDowell later says. Off the course Refusing to let a good scandal wither, the British tabs run photos of Woods "ogling" curvy Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins during the opening ceremony. A headline in The Daily Mail: "Watch out, Katherine, there's a Tiger on your tail" Perceived stress level: Concerns that over-served European fans might roast Woods prove mostly unfounded. Hell, the Americans' rain gear got it worse than Tiger.
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WGC-HSBC CHAMPIONS, Nov. 7 On the course Despite a final-round 68, he finishes 12 off the pace to cap his first winless season on the PGA Tour. Says Woods of his swing changes: "I warm up pretty good, but then on the golf course... I kind of revert back to my old stuff." If he only he could revert to his really old stuff. Off the course Four days before the HSBC, Westwood supplants Woods as the No. 1 player in the world, ousting TW from a title he has held for 281 consecutive weeks. "As far as the emotions [of no longer being No. 1] go, it is what it is," Woods says. Less clear is what his definition of "is" is. Perceived stress level: Tiger losing the top spot was inevitable, yet still jarring, kind of like when Patrick Ewing made his first Madison Square Garden appearance in a Sonics jersey. Plus, losing the throne to a guy with no majors? That's gotta smart.
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AUSTRALIAN MASTERS, Nov. 14 On the course Ends another unsteady week with a flourish, carding two eagles over the last four holes to shoot 65 and finish T4. The Aussies are impressed. "You guys want me to say that his aura is all gone and he's no good anymore," Geoff Ogilvy says. "But I don't buy that." Proclaims Robert Allenby: "I have no doubt in my mind that he'll win a major next year." Off the course Aerial photos surface of Woods's newly renovated Jupiter Island manse, which includes a four-hole practice facility in the yard. Talk about a home office. Perceived stress level: After returning from Australia, TW launches a full-bore charm offensive, penning an op-ed for Newsweek, chatting to ESPN Radio, and cracking jokes on Twitter. "The best part about phone interviews," he tweets, "is getting to wear shorts." That, and not getting asked about last Thanksgiving.
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SEASON WITHOUT A VICTORY Here's a look at Tiger Woods's performance from the 2009 Australian Masters, his last win, through a winless 2010. The graph shows his total score in each tournament played, as well as the place in which he finished.