Social Media Snapshots From The Pros

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Stacy Lewis was the biggest winner on the LPGA this year. This was @lpga_tour's last selfie post of 2014: "#LPGAWinnerSelfie with Stacy Lewis - our final selfie of the year!"
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@IanJamesPoulter Book signing in full flow #nolimits
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@rorymcilroy Great to be back defending @AusOpenGolf and The Australian Golf Club is looking amazing. Bring it on! #AusOpenGolf #weeJoey
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@justinprose99 Thanks @europeantour for a great season! Time to chill with the #JRC14 crew! #CoronaOclock
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@lpga_tour #LPGAWinnerSelfie with Lydia Ko
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@Scott_Langley @LukeGuthrie taking the whole Pebble 'Beach' thing a little too literally...
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@BoehmKatharina Last dinner in Dubai. Switzerland we are coming home! #offseason
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Justin Rose was another account that kept us entertained in 2014. Justin: "It's that time!!! #5thMajor #JRC14"
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@paulacreamer1 Love this girl!!!!! #brides @syd_michaels
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@blaironealgolf #Pebble
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@IanJamesPoulter Only result about playing early. You get to sit here for a couple of hours.
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Sergio Garcia made a new, finned friend in Dubai! Sergio: "I felt a connection with dolphin Lexi, I hope she felt the same! Haha"
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@rorymcilroy Great leg workout to start the day! #betterneverstops
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@westwood_lee Damn! Twins. Good job we're not playing together. Gotta love the wee man trying to photobomb! Get the lad a box!
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@WestwoodLee Another tough Monday on the European tour.
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@lexi Freezing out here for this commercial shoot in between shots, needed to get all wrapped up
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@thejessicakorda Am I going skiing or Golfing today #cold
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@paulacreamer1 No filter can help this!!! Hahhaa hit a pretty good shot from 45 yards! Not where you want to be! #sumsuptheday
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@shark_gregnorman After a long day shooting for @macys @gregnormanstyle #gregnormanfortassoelba I had to have little fun.
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@themichellewie Shooting some stuff for @lpga_tour this morning in Naples with my @nikegolf partner in crime @suzannpettersen ✌✌ #SeeWhyItsDifferentOutHere