Johnny Miller 1973 U.S. Open golf equipment, MacGregor, Wilson

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According to Miller, he averaged about 270 yards off the tee using this 10.5° MacGregor Velocitized Tourney driver. It has a D9 swingweight, weighs 13.4 ounces, is 43.5 inches long and is fitted with a True Temper Dynamic steel X-flex shaft.
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This is Miller's 15° MacGregor Tommy Armour 3-wood. It has a True Temper Dynamic X-flex steel shaft.
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Miller attacked par 5s with this 19° MacGregor Tommy Armour 4-wood that featured a steel, X-flex True Temper Dynamic steel shaft.
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Miller irons were MacGregor Tommy Armour 915T (2-7) and MacGregor Tourney Custom (8-10). All of his irons had True Temper Dynamic stiff steel shafts that were a half-inch longer than standard length.
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In addition to Miller's MacGregor Tourney Custom 10-iron, he also carried a 58° Wilson Dyna-Power sand wedge.
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Johnny's putter of choice was a 36-inch Acushnet Bullseye Old Standard.
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Miller switched to a 101-compression MacGregor Tourney after playing softer balata balls for years.