Jack McCallum Spends U.S. Open Week in an RV

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Jack McCallum Spends the U.S. Open in an RVSI's Jack McCallum spent the People's Open with the people, filing a series of stories from an RV in the Battle Row Park Campgrounds near Bethpage Black.
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Battle Row Campground sits on 44 acres in Nassau County.
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McCallum's rented 32' by 8' RV came a with refrigerator that had just enough space for some cold ones.
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The RV also provided a great place to hang wet clothes after a day at the U.S. Open.
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McCallum got to know his neighbors at the campground. The Murdochs, dubbed "The People's Family," all served as volunteers at the U.S. Open.
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Scott Dennison, a.k.a. "the People's Security Dude," helped with security at Bethpage.
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The People's Wife, Donna, arrived on Sunday with their dog, Rags.Read more about Jack McCallum's adventures at the U.S. Open