How to Hit a Dead-Straight Drive

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How to Hit a Dead-Straight Drive Make your own tee to make the ball split the fairway By Tom Patri Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're not very accurate off the tee. • You need a shot that penetrates the wind. What It Is A low-flying, low-spinning tee shot you hit with your driver. This baby is a fairway-seeking missile, and because of its trajectory, is a go-to shot into the wind. How to Hit It Follow the steps on the follow slides. You won't get as much carry, but you'll get a lot more roll, so pick a final target at your normal driver distance.
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STEP 1 Kick your heel down on the tee box to dislodge a little dirt, then mold the dirt into a platform and "tee" the ball on top of it. This low tee takes a ton of spin off the shot (i.e., the spin that curves your ball into trouble), but isn't so low that you can't get the ball airborne.
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Tee the ball
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The low-spin turf tee
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STEP 2 To promote the low, piercing ballflight you need, play the ball slightly back of where you normally tee your driver. Choke down for extra control. STEP 3 Make your regular driver swing, but since the ball sits below the level of your normal tee height, focus on keeping the club low through impact. You should feel like you're hitting an elongated punch shot, with your arms extending fully from their sockets through impact.