Hey Tiger, Nice ‘Mom’ Jeans!

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On the course, he's spiffy - tailored slacks, bold patterns, sleek style. But off the greens, Tiger Woods has opted for swimming button downs, baggy sweatshirts and the repeat offender: the dreaded Roseanne Barr-esque "Mom Jean." Is Tiger the world's worst dressed athlete?
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Tiger donned his 'mom jeans' again for a sideline visit with Tim Brown during the Oakland Raiders game Sunday. He hopefully picked up some sartorial tips from the retired Oakland wideout.
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The 'Mom Jeans' mean business as Tiger visits the site of his new golf course, Bluejack National, in Montgomery, Texas, in October 2013.
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Tiger Woods hosts the 12th Annual Tiger Jam (2009) in this white linen, white belt and high baggy jeans ensemble.
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Even girlfriend Lindsey Vonn couldn't give Tiger a few pointers in winter wear, pictured here at a Denver Broncos game in November 2003.
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As a guest of stylish 2006 U.S. Open winner and good pal Roger Federer, Tiger pulls out his best duds: jeans, white T-shirt and backwards baseball cap.
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Tiger laughs on the sidelines at a 2011 Stanford football game. We are laughing at the lack of tailoring. Loving your team is no excuse for wearing a XXXL sweater, Tiger.
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Tiger walks the 2012 Fiesta Bowl catwalk in his signature off-course look.
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On the sidelines at a 2013 New England Patriots game, Tiger's baggy jeans are front and center.
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Tiger Woods appears at Tiger Jam 2012. The bands at Tiger Jam might chance but his dress code has remained the same.
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Courtside, Tiger models the classic Mom Jean and Strange-Pocket-Pullover at a 2008 Orlando Magic/Chicago Bulls game.
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Tiger looks on at the 2008 Fiesta Bowl coin toss. The nerdy high pants and huge football player complete the "Awkward High School Tiger" ensemble.
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Tiger Woods launches his video game, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007," and his style circa 1997.Tiger Woods launches his video game, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007," but his untucked dress shirt and stonewashed, ripped jeans are so 1997.
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Tiger and Monica Seles at the 1997 opening of the All Star Cafe in Atlantic City. You can't see his pants in this photo, there's still plenty of denim.