‘Dufnering’ meme Takes Internet by storm, Jason Dufner, Twitter

1 of 25 Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn shared this photo of her Dufnering with the man himself on Instagram: @jasondufner Nadine and I "dufner-ing" today after the practice round lol :) #dufnering #britishopen #dufnerishilarious
2 of 25 Deadpsin
It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world discovered the greatness of Jason Dufner. First, Deadspin posted this awesome photo of Dufner attending a class with students at the Salesmanship Youth and Family Center in Dallas. Keegan Bradley then tweeted it out to his followers with the following message: "Haha I don't know what to say. This is the best picture ever. #duffdaddy"
3 of 25 @McIlroyRory
Bradley's tweet opened the floodgates as his followers began posting photos of themselves and animals "Dufnering." Soon enough, Tour pros got in on the action, beginning with World No. 2 Rory McIlroy.
4 of 25 @LukeDonald
Followed by Luke Donald.
5 of 25 @RickieFowlerPGA
Then Rickie Fowler got in on the game with a cameo from Bubba Watson: "Hey @Keegan_Bradley I'm just hanging out #Dufnering with @bubbawatson"
6 of 25 @RickieFowlerPGA
"#Dufnering in the Radio Flyer...ya that's right @Keegan_Bradley"
7 of 25 @bubbawatson
Bubba Watson the tweeted a photo of himself Dufnering with his car t"he General Lee: "Hey @Keegan_Bradley just #Dufnering in the garage!!"
8 of 25 @Keegan_Bradley
Friday morning, Keegan Bradley tweeted "Woke up to #dufnering as number 1 trending thing on twitter! Now let's all remember the original!" He followed that tweet with this photo of him, Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker on the course before the second round at the Shell Houston Open.
9 of 25 @IanJamesPoulter
Ian Poulter submits his entry, complete with him not so-subtly stuffing his shirt to replicate Dufner's stomach while also not so-subtly sitting in front of a trophy case for his golf clubs.
10 of 25 @BlayneBarberAU
Dufner's fellow Auburn University alum Blayne Barber submits his attempt at #dufnering: "#Dufnering is blowing up right now. How's this look @Keegan_Bradley? #AuburnDufnering"
11 of 25 @TheSandraGal
The first entrant from the LPGA: Sandra Gal
12 of 25 @ThePCreamer
Paula Creamer also got in on the act: "Just doing a little #Dufnering."
13 of 25 @JasonDufner
Dufner visited his alma mater's spring football practice Friday morning and took advantage of the opportunity to strike his signature pose in the Auburn weight room. "#dufnering in the Auburn football weight room. Everyday I am Dufnering"
14 of 25 @Kerrin Hands
@KerrinHands created a new version of Tiger Woods' latest Nike ad.
15 of 25 @TheRealBenMay
Two Auburn students pay homage to Dufner by "taking it back to his roots" at Auburn University.
16 of 25 @mezzy08
The NBA's best player inadvertently joins in on the fun.
17 of 25 @ANovak25
@KeeganBradley retweeted several fan submissions including several animals. First, a bear giving his best #dufnering impression
18 of 25 @AlecFoucault
@AlecFoucault's submission of his pet.
19 of 25 @chuse_guy
This panda exudes Dufner's carefree spirit.
20 of 25 @PaulCampbell91
Dufnering has reached the home of golf. "@PaulCampbell91: #Dufnering on the Old Course St Andrews! @JasonDufner @Keegan_Bradley @RickieFowlerPGA @DJohnsonPGA"
21 of 25 @stewartcink
Stewart Cink tweeted the following: "Lots of golf shoes #dufnering in the Shell Houston Open locker room."
22 of 25 @dflynn83
John, Yoko, and the Duff.
23 of 25 http://duffdontcare.tumblr.com/
A Tumblr page was created called "duffdontcare" that features photoshopped Dufnering like this one featuring Tiger Woods.
24 of 25 http://duffdontcare.tumblr.com/
And this one: Dufnering over spilt milk.
25 of 25 http://duffdontcare.tumblr.com/
According to duffdontcare, Jason Dufner was present at the Hindenburg disaster.