2012 U.S. Open: Wide Open Style

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Wide Open Cool weather at the Olympic Club let golfers showcase all kinds of style.
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Men in Black The marquee group on Friday included Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson wearing all black, with Phil Mickelson in nice counterpoint in a white shirt and chalkstripe trousers. (Phil wore black the day before.)
3 of 12 Toms: Andrew Redington / Getty Images; Quiros: John Biever / SI; Hossler: Kohjiro Kinnon / SI
The Fowler factor Brilliant orange is now turning up all over, thanks to Rickie Fowler. Wait a minute, that's Alvaro Quiros (center) wearing orange from head to toe. Other Open orange cats: David Toms (left), Beau Hossler (right), and Jordan Spieth (not shown).
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Rickie in neutral Fowler himself actually wore all-white Friday, but returned to his favorite orange, including plaid pants, on Sunday.
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GMac's Palette Graeme McDowell came up short, but he looked dapper doing it. He likes a hint of color, pink or purple, balanced by neutral tones, and rich full-cut trousers.
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Sour Lime Tiger Woods wore a vivid green shirt on Saturday. One might say it was not his day -- or his color.
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Poulter-guise More players are trying plaid trousers, a la Ian Poulter (not to mention golf greats of the past). Here, Kevin Chappell (left) is in a big blue windowpane plaid and Ryo Ishikawa (right) sports a tablecloth red check pattern.
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Fashion with zip There were an awful lot of zippered sweaters out there, nearly all open at the neck. Why is that? A simple V-neck or crewneck sweater would have done the job just as well, without scrunching up the shirt beneath. Doesn't the high collar limit visibility a bit, especially when putting? One theory -- such garments afford more opportunities for sponsors to print messages.
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Triple Play Jim Furyk wore the vested short-sleeve style, but with a compression jersey beneath, for a black-blue-black triple layer look.
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Waist Management With his grooved, metronome-like swing, Jason Dufner usually carries his weight very well. At the U.S. Open he could have used a few timely putts -- and a more generously cut pullover.
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Short sleeves, times two The weather brought out lots of sleeveless sweaters. Many golfers, like Lee Westwood, opted for short-sleeve shirts too -- a look unique to golf.
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Lord Cardigan Webb Simpson came out of nowhere, not only to card the lowest score, but with a winning look of classic ease: navy cardigan, checked pants, and floppy white shirt that looked as if it was worn right out of the washer without ironing. Easy. Nonchalant. Like watching your victory happen on TV with your wife.