Golf clubs that won GOLF Magazine ClubTest in 2007.

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Gear of the Year If you are thinking about buying a golf club for someone special this holiday season, here are some to consider. Each club listed here won a GOLF Magazine ClubTest in 2007. April 2007: Drivers Winner: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad $399, graphite; Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 9.5° with Fujikura Rombax RE•AX 65 graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "Our first r7 driver to have four moveable weights (two are 12 grams each, two are 1 gram each) in a 460 cc head. Moveable weighting and inverted cone technology produce tremendous forgiveness for long, straight shots on off-center hits." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: PROS • "Long and straight. What more can you ask for?"—Steve Sesko (handicap 9) • "Great look, explosive feel, penetrating flight."—Michael Kaye (14) • "Crisp impact feel without loud noise." —Jeff McKinney (15) • "Face feels razor thin and race-car responsive."—Joe Nagel (3) • "Firm, stable head; little distance loss on mis-hits."—Bud Adler (15) • "An attractive, all-black package."—Jim Esther (20) • "Longest TaylorMade I've hit."—Jeremy Ross (4) CONS • "Mis-hits can stray."—Stacey Fitts (17) • "More concerned with distance than correcting mis-hits."—Randy Rochefort (2)
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October 2007: High-MOI Mallet Putters Winner: Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman Mallet $169; Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 34" and 35" COMPANY LINE: "The multi-layer insert has an elastomer core material that provides softness for great feel, and is highly resilient to get the ball rolling quickly. A thin outer striking surface is firm for fine-tuned responsiveness." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Pro: Soft, yet 'clicky' face insert; enough feel and response for low handicappers and forgiveness for higher ones; white stripes with three alternating black sight lines make it easy to pick your line and promote a straight-back-and-straight-through putt; putts snap off the face; dampens vibrations associated with off-center contact; light overall feel given its size. Con: Very easy to make a good stroke but doesn't have that 'swings itself' feel; noticeable drop-off on mis-hits. Visual aids help you see a square face at impact. — Chris Klamkin, 2 handicap
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May 2007: Putters Winner: Odyssey Black Series #1 $249; Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 34", 35" COMPANY LINE: "Nickel-plated head milled from 1025 carbon steel. Tungsten flange yields a low, deep CG. Designed with 'loft optimization' to produce pure roll characteristics." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Extremely soft; makes today's hard balls feel like balata; very little skid; ball springs off large sweet spot; extremely forgiving for heel-toe blade; practically swings itself; sight line not unanimously felt to be effective; distance control is automatic. Crisp and responsive, lets you know immediately where you make contact. — Jon Dobberstein, 9 handicap
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May 2007: Wedges Winner: Titleist Vokey Spin Milled $109; ClubTesters Video | Equipment Finder Profile We tested: 54°/10° (loft/bounce), 54°/14°, 56°/10°, 56°/14°, 58°/8°, 58°/12°, 60°/4°, 60°/8° in steel shaft Company line: "Classic teardrop shape with CNC-machined grooves and face create a rougher surface for better spin retention on partial shots. Thirty-percent more groove volume than conventional wedges provides more consistent and higher spin." Our Test Panel says: Tight lie? No prob. Sitting up in the rough? Check. Buried in the rough? Bring it on. Downhill lie? That's a go; great look and feel; superior performance; beautifully balanced; this baby has teeth — face grips the ball in rough and wet grass. A perfect blend of playability, feel and responsiveness. — Zach Fasman, 9 handicap
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July 2007: MAX Game-Improvement Irons Winner: Tour Edge Bazooka QL Iron-Wood $599, steel; $679, graphite; Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 3-PW with Aldila NVS graphite shaft THE COMPANY LINE: "Heavy, 120-gram sole contributes to improved forgiveness and higher, longer shots. Forged face improves feel. Ironwoods No. 1 to No. 4 have bulge and roll to bring off-center hits back to target line." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Performance improves with relatively little effort; excels from rough; knocks out consistent yardages under all course conditions; really works if you're looking for maximum control; a funky, bulbous shape; even off tighter lies, the short irons create predictably straight shots; shortest hitter of the group but the most accurate; adequate on chip shots; superb, cushiony feel; short irons produce a fairway-wood sound. Feels like you pure it on virtually every shot. — Peter Kraus, 20 handicap
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May 2007: Better-Player Irons Winner: Cobra Carbon CB $699, steel; ClubTesters Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft COMPANY LINE: "Tour head design, with thinner topline, classic profile and minimal offset, leads to greater workability. The 8620 carbon steel head delivers soft, solid feel." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Tops for accuracy and distance; slightly larger heads breed confidence; mucho playability — able to shape shots with regularity; no need for hybrids because long irons are super fun to hit and to get in the air; clubs rip through rough; feel on off-center shots is immediately transferred to hands. Shots want to fly straight, like a laser beam. — Jon Tate
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November 2007: Hybrids Winner: Nickent 4DX Ironwood $179, steel; $199, graphite; Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 2+ (15.5°), 2 (17°), 3+ (18.5°), 3 (20°), 4+ (21.5°), 4 (23°) and 5+ (24.5°) in SR3 graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "Uses a patented brazing technology that fuses titanium crown with steel body. Tungstenpolymer XW inserts reduce vibration. Taller face height (by 2mm) than 3DX means lower spin and a more penetrating ball flight." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Pros: Easiest of the four to shape shots from fairway; shallow head knifes through any lie; nice heft stabilizes the swing; longer than average on good strikes; crisp response, a solid pop on contact, and stable at impact; best for forgiveness, mis-hits often land only five to 10 yards short of good shots; produces a tight, controlled shot pattern. Cons: Forgiving, yet results require solid ball-striking for high handicappers Excellent from tough spots, the club drives the ball from high grass. — Jon Kotraba, 10 handicap
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May 2007: Hybrids and Rescue Clubs Winner: Cobra Baffler DWS $ 129, steel; $149, graphite; ClubTesters Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 16°, 18°, 20°, 23°, 26°, 29° in Aldila NV-HL graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "A larger, hotter face area with maraging steel insert generates a hotter '9 points' for greater face flex and longer, straighter shots. The DWS (Dual Weighting System) lowers CG and increases MOI for more forgiveness and power." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: In a word: excellent; ball flies farther than with others tested; light rough no obstacle; great length without pressing; reliable and consistent from tee to green; attractive look, balanced feel, impact is soft, smooth. A '10' — a powerful, forgiving and confidence-inspiring look. —Kevin DiNapoli, 17 handicap
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May 2007: Fairway Woods Winner: Callaway Big Bertha $179, steel; $199, graphite; ClubTesters Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 3 (16°), 5 (19°), 7 (22°), 9 (25°) in Big Bertha graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "Our oversize steel head has a high-MOI with a low center of gravity due, in part, to a low leading edge and large wide face. It has a 'consistent alignment sole' plus 'correct alignment stripe' along the crown." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: The easiest-to-hit fairway woods; aim at the green and expect no curves — the heads just kill sidespin; comfortable, stable and predictable feel — plenty of zing without the sting; performance from rough far exceeds what is expected from a large-headed fairway wood. These simply won't let me hit it crooked. — George Irwin, 15 handicap
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June 2007: Drivers Winner: Titleist 905R $299, steel; $299, graphite; Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° in Aldila NV 65, UST Pro Force V2, Graphite Design YS-6+ graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "The 905R features a titanium body, beta-titanium face insert and aluminum hosel tube. Weight pads in the sole and skirt optimize center-of-gravity location. Has a pear shape, with shallow face, for players seeking the combination of ball speed, launch angle, spin and forgiveness." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Love the understated gray finish, teardrop shape and directional aid on crown; a comforting, compact look relative to some 460 cc heads; pleasing impact feel, can distinguish heel from toe hits; quite playable, easy to draw or fade it; moderate forgiveness, no miracle saves but poor shots stay on the course; like the medium high flight that flattens out; not the longest, but serviceable. Precise-handling clubhead gives instant feedback. — Tom Jennings, 9 handicap
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May 2007: Drivers Winner: TaylorMade r7 Draw $299, graphite; ClubTester Video | Equipment Finder Profile WE TESTED: 9°, 10.5°, HT in Fujikura ReAx 55 graphite shaft COMPANY LINE: "Draw weighted technology concentrates weight in the back heel area. This encourages faster clubface rotation through impact and promotes straight shots for slicers. The 460 cc head and "inverted cone' technology provide maximum forgiveness on off-center hits." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS: Does exactly what it promises; draw-bias design produces penetrating, repeatable draws, but it doesn't go overboard by appearing to set up left; long and predictable; sturdy and stable from start to finish, but not for hardswinging right-to-left guys. Another great TaylorMade driver. — Brian Robbins, 18 handicap
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February 2007: Mallet Putters Winner: Rife Barbados $179; THE COMPANY LINE: "Barbados has a pleasing shape wrapped around a three-line center cavity with mass at the outer edges. These features combine with RollGroove technology to deliver stability, softer feel and a strong alignment system." OUR TEST PANEL SAYS Pros: • "You can almost feel the face grooves grab and control the ball." — Michael Kaye (handicap 14) • "So easy to line up, which gives you confidence on cash-in putts." — Tom Ierubino (8) • "It wants to swing straight back and through. Pure feel is like hitting a forged iron on the button." — Michael Jo (11) • "Feels like spreading butter on a warm dinner roll."—Mike Cochrane (1) • "Sight lines help to see stroke back and through as it is in motion." — Andy Simon (25) Cons: • I would've preferred more feedback on offcenter hits. Impact is almost too soft compared to the others. — Rich Bernstein, 13 handicap