Why Bubba Watson is Cooler than Tiger Woods

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Bubba Watson further cemented his legacy by winning another green jacket at the 2014 Masters. We know he hits it a long way, we know he doesn't like to practice and we know this: he's cooler than Tiger Woods.
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1. He celebrated his 2014 Masters win at Waffle HouseTiger would never do this, or at least he would never take a selfie while chowing down on hashbrowns. Just like Phil Mickelson's trip to Krispy Kreme after the 2010 Masters, it makes this golf superstar seem like a normal guy because, well, who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?
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2: He built a hovercraftHe was the mastermind behind “Bubba’s Hover,” a golf-hovercraft designed to go over water, through the rough and on the green. “Who doesn’t want to do that?” Bubba said in the launch video.
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3: He owns the General LeeBubba bought the car from the Dukes of Hazzard for $110,000. His dream car, the 1969 Dodge Charger famously jumped over a Hazzard County police cruiser in the very first episode of the hit series. His favorite character? Cooter. “It sounded hillbilly, it sounded country -- my name's Bubba, so I go with the crazy names, I guess," Watson said.
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4. His wife is an athlete tooWhen Bubba tapped in for par to win the Masters, he was greeted by his wife, Angie. Our first thought: Man, she’s tall. 6-feet, 4 inches tall, in fact. Angie hails from Canada and met Bubba while she was playing women’s basketball at the University of Georgia. "There are many cool things about my wife," Bubba says. "One is that she was a professional athlete, so she understands the dedication, drive, energy level, focus, practice and travel schedule that it takes."
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5. He has a cool nicknameIf your parents named you Gerry Lester Watson Jr. (or Eldrick Tont Woods, for that matter) you’d want a nickname too, and Bubba’s suits him perfectly.
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6: There is no such thing as 'Bubba-proofing'After a young Tiger Woods dominated Augusta National in 1997, the powers that be decided the answer was to lengthen the course. It worked, sort of, as Tiger won three more Masters, but not by such great margins. This year's Masters showed you cannot 'Bubba-proof' Augusta National. On the par-5 13th Bubba hammered a 366-yard drive over the trees. He hit sand wedge to the green. What?!?
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7: He loves pinkWith his pink driver and matching attire, Bubba and pink just go together. He was loud and proud even before he hit it big. Jim Sanders, one of his college golf coaches at the University of Georgia, described Bubba as a kid who could hit it a mile while wearing bright pink or vibrant yellow knickers. He wanted people to know who he was. Success.
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8: He knows there's more to life than golfBubba could hardly get through a press conference at the 2014 Masters without mentioning his two-year-old adopted son, Caleb. Watson says he is a changed man since he became a father just before winning his first green jacket in 2012. He leaves his work at the course and comes home to play wiffle ball in the backyard with his son no matter if he shot a 67 or 76.
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9: He has his own rap groupBubba joined forces with Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan in 2011 to form a parody hip-hop group, Golf Boys, and released a song called "Oh Oh Oh." Bubba sports blue overalls with a sweater vest of chest hair underneath and hits random objects on the driving range including a two-liter bottle of soda and a watermelon.
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10: His headcover is a mini-BubbaBubba has a mini-Bubba guarding his driver, complete with white visor and blue overalls.
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11: Golf isn't his first loveIn April 2013 Bubba told Golf Magazine, "I can shoot, but I can't dribble. I've always been slow. Basketball -- that's my favorite sport. I'm a true Clippers fan. I've basically met the whole team. I would give away all my trophies to play in the NBA. I love that atmosphere, five guys shooting hoops. I guess I like it more because I can't do it."
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12: He lives in Tiger's old house!Last year, he moved his family from Scottsdale to Orlando’s gated community of Isleworth and into Tiger Woods’ old house of 10 years. "I looked at probably 50 houses before I looked at Tiger's," Watson said. "A lot of the houses there are old, and we ended up changing everything. We probably saved maybe five percent of it. We built it all around Caleb. There are like three playrooms."
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13: He isn't afraid to step outside the fashion boxWell, OK. This is a really goofy hat. But at least he's taking chances!