2016 US Open: 12 Cool, Kooky Things Sold at Oakmont

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U.S. Open Gallery Decanter

You may need a drink after playing one of the hardest courses in the world. So why not an Oakmont decanter?
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There is no shortage of black and yellow with Oakmont just a short drive to the heart of Pittsburgh.
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Need a church pew bottle opener? Of course you do. Too bad they sold out before play even began.
4 of 12 In the steel city, you can get any of their metal products monogrammed.
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Gifts when you want to get the kids hooked on golf early. Also a good way to keep track of how old they are.
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Ralph Lauren made shirts with this soccer style Oakmont logo.
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If you want to be reminded of golf's toughest test every you time take a trip, try this dopp kit.
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This is for if your family is so into golf, even Fido wants in on the action.
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The giant rubber golf balls would be great for dodgeball, or as autograph holders.
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Maybe hard liquor isn't your thing. No problem. They have an Oakmont growler set.
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The true building blocks of a life of golf to come.
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Nothing says "I had a great time at the U.S. Open" like sparkly gray cammo.