Jason Day shares 7 things he’s learned about himself on the PGA Tour

July 9, 2019

1. My biggest motivation is that I know I have the game to dominate. I’ve proven that.

2. My biggest obstacle is letting myself unfold. Getting out of my own way. Not getting too stressed about the situation at hand.

3. I’m an intense person. I’ve worked hard to remain even-keeled and not getting over-excited—or too stressed.

4. It’s frustrating if you play poorly. Six or seven years ago, I didn’t handle failure as well as I probably do now. I still get angry on the course. But I’ve become better at just letting things happen.

Jason Day's biggest motivation is knowing he has the game to dominate.

5. I’ve been on the PGA Tour for 12 years. I’ve won 12 times. It’s a grind every single season—if you want to be any good. Some years, it’s hard to stay on top of it. Others, it seems easy to work your butt off.

6. I’ve learned a lot about myself playing at the highest level. Mostly, how hard I can push myself and what I’m capable of. Hey, I got all the way to world No.1. Knowing how good that No. 1 spot felt makes me want to climb the mountain again.

7. I always knew I had the game to get to No. 1 in the world. I always knew I had the game to win a major championship. But make no mistake—I want more.

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