Gary Woodland Q&A: The U.S. Open champ on which course he’s dying to play, his go-to shot and more

June 20, 2019

The newly-minted U.S. Open champ answered some questions prior to his big victory. Read on for Woodland’s favorite course, go-to shot, and more.

Which course have you not played that you’re dying to play?

Woodland: I’ve never played Cypress. And everybody says it’s amazing. That’s one course I’d like to play.

Which course do you love to play on the PGA tour that you circle on your schedule?

Woodland: I love Quail Hollow. I think it’s one of the big boy golf courses we play. I just don’t think there’s really a bad hole on it. They’ve done some good changes to it. That’s one of my favorites.

If you had one round left to play, final round of your life, where are you going to play?

Woodland: I’m gonna play at home. I love to be at Topeka Country Club. It’s where I grew up. That’s one course I’d play every day.

Gary Woodland won his first major championship, the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, last week.
Getty Images

One drill that you love to go to, to either just get yourself back on track, or that you’ve used over the years, that you’ve had success with?

Woodland: I make 18 three-footers after every round. It’s just something that helps me focus on routine, and helps me hear the ball go in the hole. It’s something I do every day.

What’s your go to shot?

Woodland: I’m gonna hit a little knockdown cut. I know the ball isn’t left. I may hit a little shorter, shoulder to shoulder, controlled shot.

Any particular iron with that shot?

Woodland: No. But if I have to hit one shot, I’m gonna hit that one.

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