Masters 2019: The 13 best places to snap a photo at Augusta

April 6, 2019
Founders Circle, the Masters

Heading to Augusta National this year? Congrats! Maybe you’re attending the final of the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship, or the Drive, Chip and Putt contest. Maybe you won single-day tickets through Augusta’s annual lottery, or maybe you’re tagging along with a friend. Whatever the case, you’re there, and you’re going to love it. Be sure to bring a camera – a real camera, not an iPhone – and be ready to snap. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo at Augusta (as long as you remove the lens cap) but you’ll also need to maximize your time. Follow this guide to see all the best spots for your memories — and your Instagram account.

1. First hole scoreboard

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Augusta’s old-fashioned leaderboards are iconic, and none is more prominent than the jumbo board on the opening hole. If you enter through the main spectator gate, this will probably be the first thing you see upon hitting the course. Everyone takes a photo here, but there’s no shame in following the crowd.

2. Clubhouse Terrace

You may not have lunch on the terrace, but you can still take a nice pic.
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You probably won’t be able to dine under an umbrella, as the patio is roped off, but its placement near the first and 10th tees, and the entrance to the par 3 contest, makes it a good meet-up spot. The quaint green-and-white umbrellas photograph nicely. And while you’re there, you might watch one of your favorite golfers eat a sandwich.

3. Founders Circle

Can't you see yourself here?
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A few years ago, Augusta opened Founders Circle to patrons during practice rounds, and the fan experience is even better for it. Stand in a short(ish) line, and you and your group will be brought over for a few minutes to snap a pic and gawk at the view down Magnolia Lane.

4. Ike’s Pond

The Par 3 Contest is a must-see on Wednesday.
Jeff Ritter

If you attend on Wednesday, stroll over to watch some of the Par 3 Contest on the charming nine-hole course. There many fun little corners, but I’ve always been partial to the view near the 9th tee, shooting across Ike’s Pond, with the green and cabins beyond.

5. Second hole fairway

Augusta's first par 5 is also a stunner.
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The gallery is funneled to the right side of this par 5, and it’s a nice perch above the green, where you also get a sweeping view of the seventh green, and third and eighth tees.

6. Bubbaland

Watson's shot-shaping magic helped win him the green jacket in 2012.
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There are no plaques embedded in Augusta’s turf to commemorate great shots, and you may have to wander a bit through the trees about 350 yards off the 10th tee before you spot the clearing. But more often than not, once you get close, you’ll find a small group of knowing fans who have already pinpointed the spot and are snapping their own pictures. It’s remarkable to stand there and ponder how Watson was able to reach the green just moments before slipping into his first green jacket.

7. Behind the tee on 11

The view behind 11 isn't shabby.
Jeff Ritter

I finally hoofed it back there last year, and suggest you don’t wait eight Masters before doing so yourself.

8. Amen Corner

It's hard to top the scene at Amen Corner.
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You probably don’t need a reminder, but be sure to make it down there. It’s even better in person.

9. Phil’s pine straw on 13

Mickelson's all-time shot from 2010.
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Cruise along the ropes on 13, and you’ll find yourself near the pines that Mickelson split like a pair of uprights in 2010 with one of the most famous shots in modern Masters history. Unlike Bubba’s shot on 10, Phil was inside the ropes, so you can’t actually stand on the exact spot. But as with Bubba, when you see the angle from Mickelson’s vantage point, the shot becomes all the more incredible.

10. 13th green

The resplendent 13th green is a postcard come to life.
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See Rae’s Creek winding gently in front of the green. See the beds of flowers behind. See the trees, the knolls, the tranquility. Then take the picture.

11. 15th Hole, left grandstands

You can see a lot from this spot on 15.
Jeff Ritter

Here you can see players approaching the famous par 5 and putting out, then crane your neck to the left to watch them tee off on the par-3 16th and skip balls across the pond in a practice-round tradition. And through the trees ahead, you’ll also see tee shots on 17. Just a fantastic spot to take in a lot of golf.

12. Behind the tee on 18

Think you could hit this fairway?
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To fully appreciate how tough — and how narrow — the opening shot is on Augusta’s final hole, stroll behind the box.

13. Behind the green on 18

So much history here, including Mickelson's win in 2010, pictured above.
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This is a pretty famous spot in golf, you know? Frame your pic with the iconic leaderboard in the background and you’ve got the photo for your family holiday card covered early this year.