Paige’s World: A custom clubfitting showed me the benefits of a mixed bag

March 1, 2019

If you’ve never been fit for clubs, your game could seriously be suffering. People tend to stick to out-of-date, poorly fit clubs because they either don’t see the benefit of a fitting or are intimidated by the process. But trust me — it’s worth it! You may not even realize how much your off-the-rack clubs are affecting your game.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a professional clubfitting — or want to get the most out of your next fitting — I have two simple and effective tips for you.

Paige and True Spec's Tim Briand worked together to create the ideal set.
Chris McPherson

First: Don’t be brand-loyal. The numbers don’t lie, so make sure to come in with an open mind when it comes to building your bag. For example, the brand that helps you drive it longer and straighter might not suit you best when it comes to your short game.

Paige's clubfitting experience at True Spec started with dialing in her putter.
Chris McPherson

In the same vein, make sure you’re going to a reputable fitter who carries a wide variety of clubs. After my True Spec fitting (True Spec and are operated by the same holding company, 8AM Golf), I ended up with a mixed bag of no less than six different manufacturers, from my putter, wedges and irons all the way through my hybrids, fairway woods and driver. I’m playing better than ever!

After selecting her putter, Paige moved on to irons.
Chris McPherson

Second: Trust your fitter. You may think you know what’s best for you, but the launch monitor could tell a completely different story. Do your best to listen to the fitting professional when it comes to recommendations.

True Spec's Tim Briand discusses different shaft options with Paige.
Chris McPherson

It’s easy to get swayed by advertisements or the latest new gear, but what you think you want could actually rob you of yards and add strokes to your score, based on your personal swing and playing style. Embrace the process and get ready to come out a changed player!

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