Brian Urlacher on playing Augusta National (and one epic shot!)

March 26, 2020

Ask any golf fan for courses on the bucket list, and Augusta National is sure to show up. As host to the Masters, the uber-private club on the Georgia-South Carolina border is a course that most fans can only dream of playing. However, if you are one of the lucky few who does get the shot to walk the hallowed Augusta fairways, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

On a recent GOLF Subpar podcast with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher recounted the two — yes, two — separate times he secured one of the most coveted tee times in golf.

On his first loop around Augusta National, Urlacher played with former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz, and he lauded the experience.

“Just fun,” Ulacher said. “I’m a football junkie so I was just talking about football the whole time. To hear him talk and the people he’s been around, the games he’s coached in, just phenomenal. Great historian of football, that’s for damn sure.”

Getting to share a round with one of the all-time coaching greats was surely a magical experience, but Urlacher had another story that topped it from his rounds there.

“My boy Brice and I used to play heads up every time. No strokes, medal play, every shot counts,” Urlacher said. “On our 34th hole, we were dead even … On No. 7, I pulled my drive left into the pine straw. I had like 135, so I had a small gap.”

He continued to explain that he pulled a nine iron and fired it through the gap toward the green. Once he got to the green, however, the ball was nowhere to be found. At last he checked the hole and found his ball settled at the bottom of the cup for an eagle. Unfortunately for him, the club doesn’t give crystal for eagles during member play.

And if an eagle at Augusta isn’t impressive enough, Urlacher’s scores for his four rounds (36 holes each day) are pretty amazing as well. Over 72 holes, he posted 82-78-82-82. (And one of those 82s, he notes, was from tournament tees.) Not too bad at all.

Over the course of the full hour-long interview, Urlacher talks about everything from his favorite courses, to who his starting NFL lineup would be if he filled out the roster with PGA Tour players. You can watch the full show below.

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