Here’s why Tour winner Kevin Chappell wore a narwhal costume to our office

March 18, 2020

PGA Tour winner Kevin Chappell appeared on the newest episode of GOLF’s Subpar, talking all things golf and life, including being part of the rare group to have shot 59 in a Tour event.

And he did so in a … narwhal costume?

“I got a costume box and I frequently wear outfits from my costume box,” Chappell told hosts Drew Stoltz and Colt Knost, who played along as well, interviewing Chappell while dressed as Mr. Incredible and a teddy bear. “You guys are each wearing [a costume] that I enjoy wearing.”

Knost wasn’t kidding when he said, “what our guests want, our guests get.”

As for the inspiration behind Chappell’s horn-headed get-up, he credited his daughter.

“My daughter turned one and she had a unicorn party and I felt left out there was no male version of the unicorn.” he said. “So I’ve created this mythical character of the narwhal that is basically the unicorn of the sea. She loves it.” (For what it’s worth, Wikipedia describes the narwhal as “a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large ‘tusk’ from a protruding canine tooth.”)

Chappell said that in the time since the party, the narwhal’s character has taken on a life of its own.

“Of course the narwhal is a real (animal), but I gave it some superpowers,” he said.

From a magical narwhal to life on the PGA Tour, you can hear the full conversation with Chappell on this week’s episode of Subpar on Apple Podcasts HERE, or by searching for “Subpar” wherever you get your podcasts.

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