‘I miss him’: David Feherty and Gary McCord reuniting during Waste Management Phoenix Open week

January 27, 2020
Mccord Feherty

Golf television’s kings of curmudgeon are making a return to the limelight ahead of this week’s Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Gary McCord and David Feherty, the Statler and Waldorf of golf for decades, will reunite Wednesday in Phoenix as part of Feherty’s show “Together Again.”

“The bottom line is I miss him, and I just thought it would be fun to do one of these together,” Feherty said in an interview with the Arizona Republic ahead of the event. “We’ve had so much history over the last 25 years. There have been some strange things that have happened. I thought it might be fun to have him on for the last hour, or the second hour, of the program.”

McCord has remained active publicly since his high-profile exit from CBS in October. He has been critical of the decision not to retain him after more than 30 years at the network. A decision he said was attributed to coverage growing “stale.”

“Stale did not work for me,” McCord said in a recent SiriusXM interview. “That kind of got me riled up a bit. … I didn’t like that at all.”

McCord and Feherty haven’t worked together since 2016, when the latter of the two broadcasters left CBS to take on a larger role at NBC. While the pair was together, they were adored by golf audiences for their lightning-quick, often sidesplitting banter.

“We weren’t in the normal sort of golf-broadcaster mode, yeah,” Feherty said. “He was my hero. He still is my hero. I love him.”

For now, the event gives the duo a chance to rekindle one of golf’s most beloved relationships.

“He’s just such a great character, and a good soul with it,” Feherty said. “I have a great time doing what I do, but like I said, ‘I do miss him.'”

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