Watch this angry golfer’s temper tantrum backfire in spectacular fashion

October 21, 2019

The only thing better than a viral golf temper tantrum is a viral golf temper tantrum. I came across one earlier today that I chuckled at, so what better way to start the week?

The story starts when our hero, clearly having a bad day, rips his golf bag off his cart and prepares to heave it into a nearby lake.

But things go way wrong. His release point was way too high, which sends the bag in the opposite direction of the lake.

But, rather hilariously, he throws it hard enough that the bag has enough time to go into full liftoff, flip backwards and send all the clubs flying all over the place.

He would have to go pick them all up, which he was obviously very annoyed about — but it was rather hilarious from our perspective.

Watch the full video below: