Golf clubs in the presidential seal? At Trump speech, fake emblem has golfy twist

July 25, 2019

It takes a keen eye to notice at first. But once you spot it, it’s hard to unsee.

President Trump took the stage Wednesday at the Teen Student Action Summit in Washington D.C., hosted by Turning Point USA. Speaking in part about his re-election efforts, Trump addressed a crowd of roughly 1,000 students. To causal onlookers, it was business as usual.

But take a look at this photo, focusing on that seal behind the podium. Notice anything amiss?

Donald Trump applauds in front of a doctored presidential seal with a double headed eagle and a set of golf clubs.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The image projected as the Presidential seal features, among other oddities, a double-headed bald eagle holding golf clubs. The golf element was a nod to Trump’s golf habit. According to, the President has played 198 rounds of golf since his inauguration.

According to reports, a member of the host organization’s audio-visual team found the seal on Google; it wasn’t immediately clear whether using it was an act of protest or an innocent mistake.

According to the New York Times, the seal’s designer did not create the emblem expecting it to be put to use. Regardless, it’s safe to say the seal won’t be showing up at any more Trump speeches. And can someone get that eagle a golf bag? He’s got his hands full.

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