WATCH: Time lapse of Tiger Woods colored pencil drawing that actually took 28 hours!

April 23, 2019

Doing artwork is much easier said than done. Not everyone is a Vincent Van Gogh, despite how much we might think we are. But if there’s one person who can call themself a good artist, it’s Rebecca Thomson.

Thomson, a 20-year-old from Scotland, posted on her Twitter account a drawing of Tiger Woods’ Masters celebration done solely with colored pencils. And it is really good! Take a look for yourself:

Rebecca Thomson's drawing of Tiger Woods' celebration is pretty darn accurate.
USA Today Sports

But Thomson also posted a time lapse video of her Tiger Woods drawing, which she revealed took 28 hours! The video, which you can watch below, will make you even more appreciative of her artistic skill.

According to her Twitter, Thomson frequently draws pictures of athletes. Some of her other pictures include men’s tennis player Andy Murray and NHL star Alexander Ovechkin. And if Tiger keeps winning, we might be getting more outstanding drawings from Thomson.

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