Masters 2019: Brooks Koepka reveals why Phil Mickelson once rejected his autograph request

April 9, 2019

PGA Tour players — they’re autograph hounds just like us! Well, sort of. During his Masters press conference on Tuesday, Brooks Koepka told a funny story about an interaction he had with Phil Mickelson when Koepka was still a child.

In the late ’90s, Koepka said he attended the Masters as an 8 or 9-year-old fan. He soaked up the entire experience — including seeking autographs from as many players as possible.

“I collected probably 50 of them,” he said. “I pretty much got everybody. Didn’t get Tiger. Everybody else, I pretty much got. All the players, when we come here, they are all so nice. As a player now, you want to sign for a little kid. It’s hard to say no to a little kid.”

Well, maybe harder for some than others. Turns out, another autograph Koepka missed was Phil Mickelson’s — not that he didn’t try.

Brooks Koepka revealed he once asked Phil Mickelson for an autograph — and was rejected.

“I tried to get Phil’s autograph,” Koepka continued. “I was standing by the old range, and somehow found my way kind of right by the parking lot or something like that and asked him for an autograph and he said no, and he turned me down [laughter]. Probably about the only kid Phil’s ever turned down.”

When asked whether or not he told Phil about the slight, Koepka came forth with yet another fun Phil story.

“He doesn’t remember,” Koepka said. “I mean, I can’t believe he doesn’t remember the first time he ever said no to a kid, signing an autograph. [Laughter]. I told him, I think in 2014, I think we were playing a practice round at the British Open. I had to tell him. I was like, ‘Listen, man, you stiffed me, and I really didn’t like you for a long time.’ He was typical Phil, right back at me; I shouldn’t have been [in the parking lot]. We can laugh about it now. I’ve got his autograph now.”

Mickelson was asked about it during his press conference later on Tuesday, and he reiterated what Koepka said. “Yeah, well he shouldn’t have been there,” Mickelson said. “I think I told him that, too.”

Koepka and Mickelson are chasing their fourth and sixth major championship titles, respectively.

You can find their tee times here.

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