WATCH: Greg Norman catches, swims with gigantic hammerhead shark

April 5, 2019
Greg Norman

Greg Norman became famous hunting down pro golfers under the moniker of The Great White Shark. Ironically, he now spends some of his time chasing after and swimming with impressive sharks, none greater than a 14-foot hammerhead he recently caught.

Working on a tip with friend and professional angler Josh Jorgenson, Norman and a crew jumped in his boat to fish around a school of blacktip sharks. In is unclear where they were fishing, but Norman and the fishing company are both based out of southern Florida. They noticed a gigantic hammerhead chasing and feeding on the much smaller blacktips, even catching footage of the made-for-Nat-Geo action.

It wasn't long before THAT fish was on Norman's line.

As fate would have it, the massive hammerhead locked on to the blacktip that Norman had hooked and swallowed it. It was quite the upgrade in fish on. Jorgenson called it the biggest hammerhead he had ever seen. In the video below, the crew on board discuss how the fish eventually was pulling the 41-foot boat in the direction it wanted. Thankfully, that’s where the Jaws-like scenes end.

After more than an hour, and with help from the crew, Norman was able to reel in the monster next to the boat. You can watch a great recap of the battle below.

In total, the fish weighed an estimated 1,300 pounds, and was 14 feet, 7 inches in length. But, as if landing this lunker wasn’t enough — is it ever enough? — Norman and the crew decided to jump into the water after they released the shark to prove to the fish they were not a threat. Fifty percent catch, 50 percent release was Jorgenson’s motto. Incredible, all around.